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  1. 24 minutes ago, doccabet said:

    Thank you guys so much for keeping up with HyperSpin. I was worried it was lost when win10 got so weird. 

    I upgraded to 1.5.1, and havent changed anything else, but now Hyperspin cannot find HyperLaunch. I have the directory in settings, but the log confirms it just cannot find HyperLaunch any longer. I have not switched to RocketLauncher yet - is this a requirement?


    Again, Thanks a ton for the support

    I had the same issue after upgrading.  You need to modify the HyperLaunch_Path in your Settings.ini.  At some point the path was changed to expect the path to the .exe, rather than the containing folder.




  2. First off, thanks for the update.  Despite its hangups, I've always found HyperSpin to be the most aesthically pleasing FE available. Sure there might be some dated issues with it but there are plenty of workarounds, and frankly, I don't think this hobby would be nearly as fun if it was stupid simple ;).

    Been absent for a long while, ever since I deemed my setup "complete" (as if that is ever really true), and it's nice to see that HS is still alive and kicking.  I'm going to be starting on my first cabinet here soon, so I figured it would be a good time to jump back into the hobby and get things updated.

    My only question, is if there has been any significant performance improvements over the past few years? I'll be upgrading from v1.3.2 and I had some sluggish performance on my last mini-HTPC that had HyperSpin running.  Not complaining if there isn't, it is flash afterall, just trying to get an idea of what benchmarks I should aim for when building the new PC.

    On 5/19/2018 at 7:23 AM, Aorin said:

    Yeah, Windows 10 LTSB is still Windows 10, it's not cut down or anything, it just doesn't have what you mentioned earlier, Store, OneDrive, Cortana, Edge, things I never used, and if one want them, it's probably possible to install it. Aside from the little more RAM I have now, I can reach the same overclock speed for my GPU I couldn't compared to some guys on the internet in my previous build, and now I can, so it's definetely better for gaming in my case, my OC is way higher than before.

    This definetely piques my interest, though I just bought a copy of Windows 10 Pro for this project *doh*.  Does it have Remote Desktop installed?  Also, permitting slightly off-topic question, but this will be my first instance of setting up HyperSpin in a Windows 10 environment. Do you know if the same workarounds are available to strip out/replace most of the boot sequence stuff to get a clean launch?

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