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  1. https://blog-archive.josephcs.com/how-to-force-shutdown-or-restart/#main_content

    Force Shutdown
    To perform a Force Shutdown, type in Shutdown –s –f. Notice a new parameter –f? This parameter is responsible for Fore Shutdown.

    Force Shutdown with Time
    To perform a Timed Force Shutdown, type in Shutdown –s –f –t 00. This will Force Shutdown your PC in 00 seconds (waiting time). Setting it to 05 will shutdown your PC after 05 seconds i.e after waiting for 5 seconds.

  2. Hey All,

    A true gentleman by the name of Schwing over on the Arcade Controls forum whipped together a new Keyboard to Xinput solution about a year ago. It's far simpler and more stable than the old VJoy/X360ce workaround! Rework your cab to avoid all Dinput/Xinput conflicts in games from here on and simplify game installation! It works with all the latest most popular games like Street Fighter V, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Soul Calibur 6, Tekken 7... you name it!

    I just reworked my machines over the holidays and can say it works like a charm. Take a look and share your experiences with it... and give a shout out to Schwing for the great work on this VERY needed application for the scene.

    Find it here:


    Happy Holidays,



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