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  1. Is the DUEs 3.3v VS 5v a large thing to overcome? I would think the faster proc, bigger flash, and more I/O's would be very nice. Plus they are cheaper than the Mega are.

    I am going to be buying the Arduino for my cabinet soon, and am really considering the Due but don't want to buy a board that is going to be a dead end for this project. So EXCITED!!

  2. Hi, I've been working on my Arduino Mega for the last couples of days. My goal is to both replace the LedWiz and the Ipac. So far the Arduino code is done (still it will need modifications later if I use shift registers).. it's sending inputs to a C# program that translate the message into keypresses. So far so good, there's is no lag between the push of the buttons and VP.

    Almost no hardcoding to make it easy to configure. You just have to change 2 arrays in the code with the pin # used for I/O.

    The next step is to interface that C# program with VP and VPM to send commands to the Arduino (again the arduino code is done).

    I like where this is going... this whole Arduino project is what I am waiting on to begin my own Virtual Table.

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