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  1. That video looks soooooo real!!! I have kept a Kinect stashed in the closet for exactly the intent of running BAM.
  2. Is this new board only valid for the v2 LEDWiz with the Small chips and voltage selection?
  3. I hope Kinect support for BAM comes out soon, it should be fantastic and I have a Kinect sitting around gathering dust that I would gladly throw into my Cabnet build
  4. Is the DUEs 3.3v VS 5v a large thing to overcome? I would think the faster proc, bigger flash, and more I/O's would be very nice. Plus they are cheaper than the Mega are. I am going to be buying the Arduino for my cabinet soon, and am really considering the Due but don't want to buy a board that is going to be a dead end for this project. So EXCITED!!
  5. I like where this is going... this whole Arduino project is what I am waiting on to begin my own Virtual Table.
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