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Status Updates posted by ogytork

  1. Hi E.D.

    Would you be kind enough to send me a copy of your hi-res boogie wings redraw? I'm working on a theme for it and it looks like it was removed from the post.

    Here's a scheenshot of what I've done so far.


    I'm going to make the video look like a photograph and maybe add the logo to the blueprints.

  2. You have some good pontential.

    Keep with it.

    Let's see some more.


  3. Dan, let me know if you get your x-arcade working with PPJOY/Street Fighter.

    I'm also having a nightmare time getting it to work.

  4. Hi Hollywood.

    I just noticed that Drag Race, Pong, and RipOff are listed as unaproved on their status.

    But people are downloading them.

    Is this a glitch?

  5. Hollywood,

    Can you do me a favor and install this theme and tell me how well the flash runs for you?



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