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File Comments posted by ligalegend

  1. I really don't know. Only that someone flagged it. I appealed  twice but was rejected.  People are so petty.  I just accepted reality and moved on fast. Life is a bitch. Best strategy is to adapt to any situation fast.  Thanx bro i really appreciate it.  I subbed your channel. Respect to your effort on making great game themes ! 

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  2. Thanx bro. Appreciate it ! Unfortunately someone did everything in their power to get my Youtube channel shut down.  That's what happened. More then 100 of videos thrown out the garbage.  I started a new one. About anime and games theme beats and music. I'd really appreciate if became a follower ! ;)  Check it out. 


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  3. Thanx Man. It's not my design. It's a remake of someone who put out a video of his theme but never shared the file.  I liked the challenge. Next i'll remake the Dreamcast with blue spiral for you. I remember your request :)

  4. I made it in pre- max size in Hypertheme 1024x768. It' looked fine on my 1920x1080.  Got curious about trying it on 1080p res. from your question and it worked. I didn't think it would. I thought it would cut out the portion that extended beyond 1024x768. I guess i'm still leaning.  Now i know. I'll remake them all in 1080p res. It's got to be good stuff! Good thing you asked !  Thnx !  

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