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  1. kerflug

    SNES Not Launching (NVidia Shield TV)

    Got it, I DEFINITElY didn't have that core, I had the SNES and SNES2010 installed. So I need to go and install all cores for all systems or is there a list of cores for each system that is preferred? Thanks to both of you for your patience and understanding!
  2. kerflug

    SNES Not Launching (NVidia Shield TV)

    No, all of them are in SFC. I uninstalled and re-installed Retroarch, I tried both the Play Store version and 1.3.6 with no luck. I've determined only MAME, NES, Sega MS and Sega MD work. Everything else just launches, goes black for 2 seconds then goes back to the wheel. All of them will play if I launch them from Retroarch.
  3. kerflug

    SNES Not Launching (NVidia Shield TV)

    Yes sir. I noticed that H: path was identical to a sample INI you posted a while back on another thread. Odd.
  4. kerflug

    SNES Not Launching (NVidia Shield TV)

    Here is the SNES ini file. I thought the H:\ might be causing an issue given it's referenced as S: everywhere else, but that's the same way it's referenced in the other systems that run correctly. [exe info] path=H:\hyperspin\emulators\Super Nintendo Entertainment System\ rompath=Roms/Super Nintendo Entertainment System/roms/ userompath=true exe=com.retroarch/com.retroarch.browser.retroactivity.RetroActivityFuture romextension=sfc parameters=cores/bsnes_mercury_performance_libretro_android.so searchsubfolders=false pcgame=false winstate=HIDDEN hyperlaunch=true Per_Game_Modules=false Skipchecks=false Hide_Cursor=use_global Hide_Desktop=use_global Hide_Taskbar=use_global CPWizard_Enabled=use_global CPWizard_Delay=use_global CPWizard_Params=use_global Fade_In=use_global Fade_Out=use_global Fade_Color=use_global Fade_In_Duration=use_global Fade_Out_Duration=use_global Fade_In_Delay=use_global 7z_Enabled=use_global 7z_Extract_Dir=use_global 7z_Delete_Temp=use_global Keymapper_Enabled=use_global Keymapper=use_global MultiGame_Enabled=use_global MultiGame_Background_Color=use_global MultiGame_Side_Padding=use_global MultiGame_Y_Offset=use_global MultiGame_Image_Adjust=use_global MultiGame_Font=use_global MultiGame_Text_1_Options=use_global MultiGame_Text_1_Text=use_global MultiGame_Text_2_Options=use_global MultiGame_Text_2_Offset=use_global MultiGame_Use_Sound=use_global MultiGame_Sound_Frequency=use_global MultiGame_Exit_Effect=use_global MultiGame_Selected_Effect=use_global MultiGame_Use_Game_Art=use_global MultiGame_Art_Folder=use_global [filters] parents_only=false themes_only=false wheels_only=false roms_only=false [themes] use_parent_vids=false use_parent_themes=false animate_out_default=false reload_backgrounds=true [wheel] alpha=.15 small_alpha=1 style=normal speed=high pin_center_width=500 horz_wheel_y=512 vert_wheel_position=right y_rotation=center norm_large=360 norm_small=230 vert_large=400 vert_small=240 pin_large=500 pin_small=200 horz_large=240 horz_small=150 letter_wheel_x=800 letter_wheel_y=384 text_width=700 text_font=Style4 small_text_width=260 large_text_width=400 text_stroke_size=6 text_stroke_color=0x000000 text_color1=0x00BFFD text_color2=0xFFFFFF text_color3=0x00BFFD color_ratio=139 shadow_distance=0 shadow_angle=45 shadow_color=0x000000 shadow_alpha=1 shadow_blur=0 [pointer] animated=true x=975 y=360 [video defaults] path=H:\hyperspin\Media\Super Nintendo Entertainment System\Video\ [sounds] game_sounds=true wheel_click=true [navigation] game_jump=50 use_indexes=false jump_timer=400 remove_info_wheel=true remove_info_text=true use_last_game=false last_game=Wario's Woods (E) random_game=false start_on_favorites=false [Special Art A] default=true active=true x=512 y=720 in=0.4 out=0.4 length=3 delay=0 type=normal start=bottom [Special Art B] default=true active=true x=512 y=740 in=0.4 out=0.4 length=3 delay=0 type=fade start=none [Special Art C] active=false x=512 y=384 in=0 out=0 length=3 delay=10 type=fade start=none [Game Text] game_text_active = true show_year = true show_manf = true show_description = true text_color1 = 0xFD070B text_color2 = 0xFD070B stroke_color = 0x000000 text_font = Style3 text1_textsize=26 text1_strokesize=7 text1_x=32 text1_y=610 text2_textsize=36 text2_strokesize=8 text2_x=30 text2_y=640
  5. kerflug

    SNES Not Launching (NVidia Shield TV)

    Click on game and screen goes black for about 2 seconds then brings me back to the wheel. Go to Retroarch directly and run game without issue. I was going to try and different core, but if it runs on Retroarch I'm guessing it isn't the core.
  6. kerflug

    SNES Not Launching (NVidia Shield TV)

    I pulled those off the USB drive that's running Hyperspin on my Nvidia Shield. I followed these instructions. **link deleted** Instead of installing on my main 16GB drive I installed onto a USB drive. I downloaded Retroarch and all the cores, and most of the systems seem to run just fine.
  7. First of all, I want to thank this forum for all of the info. It was a great help in me getting things setup. I have most things working properly but am having an issue launching SNES games, Gameboy and a few other consoles. NES, MAME and all Sega seem to work fine. I have tried to launch the games in Retroarch directly and they work fine. My current setup has Hyperspin running off of a USB drive. My log.txt doesn't seem to be updating, here is all it says, and the times haven't updated in hours. 07:00:23 AM | HyperSpin Started 07:00:23 AM | Going FullScreen 07:00:24 AM | Checking for updates 07:00:24 AM | Update Check Complete 07:00:24 AM | Startup program: HyperSpin Startup Script.exe 07:00:24 AM | Startup params not set 07:00:24 AM | Working directory: S:\Hyperspin\Scripts\ 07:00:24 AM | Window State: NORMAL 07:00:24 AM | Launching HyperSpin Startup Script.exe 07:00:24 AM | Command Line is HyperSpin Startup Script.exe 07:00:42 AM | Playing intro video 07:01:03 AM | Error intializing joysticks 07:01:03 AM | Menu Mode is multi 07:01:03 AM | Loading Main Menu.xml 07:01:04 AM | Main Menu.xml successfully loaded 07:01:06 AM | Main Menu wheel loaded successfully 07:02:27 AM | Exit program unavailable 07:02:27 AM | Quiting Hyperspin 07:02:27 AM | Bye! My HyperLaunch.log says > 10:20:53 AM | HyperLaunch v2.25c 10:20:53 AM | System Specs: HyperSpin Dir: S:\Hyperspin OS: WIN_7 OS Language: 0409 OS Admin Status: No Monitor #1 (\\.\DISPLAY1): 1280x1024 (1280x984 work) HyperSpin Res: 800x600 AHK Version: 10:20:53 AM | HyperLaunch launched directly 10:23:02 AM | HyperLaunch received "Super Nintendo Entertainment System" and "7th Saga, The (USA)" 10:23:03 AM | INI Keys read 10:23:03 AM | Checking paths 10:23:05 AM | Cannot find: S:\Hyperspin\Modules\Super Nintendo Entertainment System\Super Nintendo Entertainment System.ahk You do not have a HyperLaunch 2 module for Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Please create one or check HyperList. I checked the Modules folder and the SNES directory contains 4 AHK files, I created a copy of the SNES9x one and renamed it just as above, wasn't sure if that would help.