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  1. Hi , i checked all transitions from the override transitions folder and all of them are .flv , so yes , i can open it with VLC player and it seems all good outside of hyperspin , later i tried to playing around with the hyperhq options and nothing , another thing that i have done was download again the pack of transitions and replace them , and again , nothing changed. Finally I thought that my hyperspin is bugged or something , so i decided to download again the full package hyperspin from downloads section and open it , to see if the lines from the transitions its still there even on the default ones , and yes , lines even on the default transitions , so i think this issue is somenthing related to my pc but who knows what , here i recorded a video that shows exactly what is happening when i start the hyperspin (as you can see , the transition that i put for the saturn system, has the lines on , but like i told you before , if i go for example to the wii u system you can see the green smoke transition that is random btw and that has no lines , but aswell the wii u theme makes the lines of saturn system disappear , so idk what is happening here to be honest , its a very strange issue and i don't know what else to do , but thanks for your replies
  2. Hello , thanks for the reply , is happening in addition to the transition (on almost all) , on ''light'' transitions like the one of the screenshot , it appear this lines , but on certain transitions not , its very strange , and yes if i turn transitions off in hyperhq , there are no lines, but you know i like them so much and i'd like to use normally without this , like everyone, i guess , and finally yes the ''pattern'' of lines is the same , but like i said , in certain transitions, and there's something soo strange here because if i navigate through certain themes of some systems , it's like they cause the lines to dissapear and don't reappear until i restart the hyperspin , for example , if i open the hyperspin , always will appear this lines , but if i go specifically to the ''creatronic mega duck'' or ''wii u'' main menu themes , i don't know what have these themes but it causes that the lines disappear , this is giving me some headache because is so wtf 😕
  3. Hello , i don't know if this is the correct place to post this , but i have a problem for a while that i have never figured out whats cause it , and is the fact of that in the transitions , from start to end, it appear this horizontal lines all over the screen , and it's bit annoying , i have done everything to trying to resolve this issue (update drivers , windows , download hyperspin again etc) and it still there , what could be? (sorry if my english is bad)
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