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  1. Super Nintendo Entertainment System - DVD Style - 3D Boxes [HQ Hi Res]

    Here is another fun pack for everyone.
    Since there was a bunch of vanilla box packs on the site, I decided to tackle the dvd boxes instead to mix things up a bit.
    This pack contains 63 box arts ranging from regular, custom and japanese covers.
    If there's a huge demand for it, I might start a topic for requests to keep the project going. Otherwise I hope you guys enjoy.


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  2. Nintendo Famicom and NES - Custom - 3D Boxes [HQ Hi Res]

    This is a small project I set out to do for my own personal library that I wanted to share with the community (hence the size).
    This came about from my frustration of not being able to find a lot of coverage for some of my favorite famicom games since understandably its nearly impossible to find decent images to work with.
    It contains a collection of japanese famicoms boxes as well as some custom western boxes, so I split them into two parts.
    The JAPAN BOX PACK contains 21 original and custom boxes.
    The USA BOX PACK contains 24 original and custom boxes.
    These box packs should be used for anyone who wishes to cover some of their famicom games or  the Japanese translated versions of the Western  games (e.g. Gun-Dec vs Vice: Project Doom) and wanted a separate box for each version.
    This is by no means meant to be a completely ACCURATE box pack, but a fun pack of sorts. 
    Special thanks to Kondorito for going above and beyond helping me with this project. This site honestly has the best user support I've experienced.
    Feel free to comment or message me if you have any questions and whatnot, I might start a topic for this if I plan on taking this project further.
    Hope you guys enjoy.


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