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  1. Hi , i'm not sure that is too late for my answer. But if it could help you or somebody :

    You can do that with Hyperxmlspin :

    First create a "main wheel" "collection" with a search , then create "genre wheel" for each wanted collection : Zelda, sonic etc..

    If you want add all results from all your "genres wheels" collection inside the "main wheel" "collection" :

    Use hyperxmlspin "Add" function then re-search all your genre collection.

    (Separate each games keywords with a coma to create multiple search)


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  2. Hi , is there a full pack of this topic that contains all whdload artworks created ?

    because the package from ftp called "final" contains 1582 files,"pending" contains 39 files and "pending-upgrade" contains 3 files...

    and there's 2084 games originals from my commodore amiga databases (whdload 2.5 - my current personal database)


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