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  1. Well...maybe blue arrows and red balltop? Or make the green arrow gradient towards blue, so green/blue gradient?
  2. I see that THK is getting pretty close and I didn't manage to come up with anything that I liked so I'll let him concentrate on the logo from now. Looking good, the green "arrow-circle" might look a little bit too much like the recycling symbol though
  3. This is where all the logo love is going on: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forum/368-system-logos/
  4. Yeah...don't forget to mention THK who created all the great looking logos
  5. JayC

    Games or Roms

    It's only available for platinum users. But you can find packs using google for example.
  6. I wouldn't count on the XP compatibility mode since HBL isn't designed nor officially supported for XP. Something weird is shurely going on since most of us haven't had any problem with the program. Have you checked your firewall/ settings? Maybe you or your ISP are blocking the connection?
  7. My biggest worry is that I have a lot of external hardware for my music studio/productions and I'm not sure if they are compatible or not...It would cost way too much to upgrade for me since I have a perfectly stable setup right now. On my other computers though, why not make the jump to win10?
  8. Where did you find that clean win10 version...I'm thinking it's about time for a clean install of windows. I like win7 and I'm not sure if I really want win10, but I'm willing to give it a shot. Only thing I'm a bit concerned about is a lot of hardware that maybe won't work anymore
  9. Probably not...at least people with cabs can have all sorts of resolutions. My cab is 640*480 and my nes pc is 720p or 1024*768.
  10. There will be a full set of system icons once HBL is released, I'm working on them as we speak. But as some will have "non-official" or custom systems we definitely need a generic icon with text to fill in the blanks.
  11. Yes, I would say that "don't sync" should exclude that system totally. No point in validating anything you don't want to validate nor sync right?
  12. Ah...didn't know it renamed the files inside the archives as well, good to know. Skyhighgam3r-> I agree...no point in zipping small games...actually I don't zip any games at all...I want them to launch immediately, HD space is cheap nowadays anyway.
  13. Don't you have to rename the files inside the zip files as well as the zip files? If that is the case, just unzip every file and then use the renaming software. Then just select all the roms and right click on them wnd choose add to archive with winrar. Then just select put each file into separate archives in one of the pages.
  14. Got it, but you really wont benefit anything by creating an opening for the sub. Those low frequencies are pretty much omni directional so no difference there. And since you will ned fans for the cab there are going to be more than enough of pressure vents. One thing about placement though. As the low frequencies are reflected by hard planes you will have about a 3dB increase in volume for each plane it is near, the cabinets walls aren't solid nor thick enough for this but if you have the cabinet against wall you will get more volume by having it in the back. If the cabs side is against a wall as well as the back against another wall you should place the sub in the corner where the walls meet and dain 9dB = floor, back wall & side wall. The 360 joystick works like a xbox 360 controller. It's great but it doesn't have the "real" arcade joystick click since it doesn't have the small clicking buttons and that ruins the true old school arcade feel for some people.
  15. Impressive project! Can't wait to see this thing come alive. As far as specs go it looks like a solid gaming rig as long as you keep control of the cooling and air circulation. One thing I want to mention though is about the subwoofer, if I understood correctly you are planning to add just a woofer driver to the side of the cab, not in a subwoofer box? I can say that you would get a ewhole of a lot better sound/punch if you had a subwoofer in a box (like a normal home theater sub for instance) as the cabinet wont be tuned nor have the correct resistance/airflow to get the driver optimized to it's performance range. You could of course make a calculated subwoofer compartment for the sub inside the cabinet instead. Another thing, be sure to put a wwoofer cover/grille i front of it so no one can put their foot in it by mistake (it's beside a bar after all lol). And could you explain how you planned to attach the surround speakers, I'm just trying to get a picture in my head of it. I've heard that Japanese controls should be the best but I'm sorry that I can't comment on that as I haven't had any real life comparison. There is of course walnut lamin ate that could work for your outside of the cab, there are many different kinds, everything from mdf with ready from the shop laminate to tsape or paper that you put or iron on. Just a thought if you want walnut. Other than that, good luck with the build, sounds like an awesome machine already.
  16. Or get a faster cpu so you won't need to overclock. The z97 motherboards all can do overclocking but like you discovered som h97 can as well with a bios update. Don't skimp on the cooler! I have two machines with G3258 overclocked and with noctua coolers, works great.
  17. Should work fine I'd say...as long as you are able to overclock with that h97 and a good cooler so you can overclock it to 4-4,5ghz because hs and emulation needs more cpu than gpu.
  18. Here you go: http://www.mediafire.com/download/funqodg0dhd4gxn/PSX.rar
  19. Great, then we aren't doing double work at least I'll see if I have the ones you requested.
  20. So you are anly doing the cover without the case itself right? I can send you those missing ones as I think we have them all in the vault. apparently different sets then yes, Im talking about this one: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/14863-sony-playstation-official-2d-3d-box-art/ And they will look like this when done:
  21. Excuse me, but what set are you talking about? I don't think the project/vault set has been shared anywhere? But yes, there probably are some wrong ones in there as well, but I'm working on it. The set is about 630*550px
  22. So the official box set from the projects have all the boxes done for the new database, only a few spine images missing for the 3D set. I can send you the ones missing. Are you doing a 2D or 3D set btw?
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