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  1. I'm currently working on a full PSX 2D & 3D set to match the new db and wheel set, any scan/image you can find for the missing list (posted in the official box thread) please share somehow as even the worst image can help get the prohect finished.
  2. Version 1.2


    The official database by brolly for Sony PlayStation (not including Japanese exclusives). Full wheel set to match the XML can be found here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/11315-sony-playstation-official-wheel-pack/
  3. Version 1.0


    A full wheel pack for PSX (not including Japanese games yet). Enjoy the fruit of a project that took 5 years to finish, many contributors have come and gone over the years. Correct database can be found here: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/11316-sony-playstation-official-database/
  4. Well...he did mention he will be playing newer games as well at as high quality as possible so the G3258 + 750ti will probably be the cheapest thing to do that
  5. There are a lot of people using the g3258 around here...including me in two machines, in my cab and in my nes-pc. Works great, and i don't even have a gpu other than integrated in the nes. Cheap and powerful CPU that one. Only comment is that i don't see a hdd in your list? You will want more space than 120gb and want to keep that system ssd with some headroom. I have the same ssd in my cab and only have windows on it. Even the videos for the games won't fit on there. Other than that it looks good. Will run at least up to ps2 games.
  6. These things take time and you have to let them take time if you want it the way you like. It will get there, and the setting up the software is where most of the work is anyway.
  7. Ok...Iseriosly dig this! I had a work project recently where the customer wanted an old phone (the type with a circular number dial) that would play a sound file whenever someone lifted the phone from the base station. But I could never figure it out...this looks like it could work for that as well...I actually have no experience with either RasberryPi nor Arduino and I know it can be done, I just don't know how
  8. JayC

    Xpadder Help

    there's probably many ways to do it but this is just the way I have done it since it seems the simplest to understand and troubleshoot. there are a lot of keys available on a keyboard so no you won't run out of keys for four players. There is a map of keys somewhere around the rocket launcher forum as they had a project to test keys that couldn't be mapped for certain reasons. The 2 keys do one function is a bit dumb imo...if I understand it correctly you can use a certain button as a "shift" key and select another button to produce a different key press if the "shift" button is pressed as well. I don't remember what it's called in xpadder but maybe selector or function or something like that. So you basically make one key change all the other keys, so if you for instance use "select" as a "shift" key you can hold down select and press another button to make it press another button than it normally does...god this is hard to explain lol. I think the downside is that if you make a key a "shift" key you can't use it for anything else.
  9. JayC

    Xpadder Help

    This is my standard keys for xpadder and all the emu's Player 1: up=up down=down left=left right=right B (bottom)=z Y (left)=a A (right)=x X (top)=s select=right shift start=return shoulder L1=q shoulder R1=w shoulder L2=e shoulder R2=d then I have save and load as select and start held down for two seconds. I have the PS button on the DS3 controllers as exit or just use the keyboard to exit right now. Player 2 up=i down=k left=j right=l B (bottom)=v Y (left)=f A (right)=b X (top)=g select=, (comma) start=. (period) shoulder L1=r shoulder R1=t shoulder L2=y shoulder R2=h Then I just map every emu/frontend to use those buttons and all is working as I want it to. If an emulator can't change the keys I just use a AHK in the controller mapping in RL to change the keys from one to another for that emulator.
  10. JayC

    Xpadder Help

    I use xpadder because I have multiple controller types. I have two nes controllers, two snes controllers & two ps3 controllers and I want them to work as player one and two whatever controller i connect. So I set up the controllers in xpadder to use the same keys across the controllers and then I configure HS and every emulator to use those keys...done. Now it works just as a normal console. If i want to play a nes game for instance, I can pick between nes, snes or PS3 controller and just plug it in, and a second player wants in it's as easy as connecting another controller Very easy and I like that the player can choose between controllers...heck I could change midways in a game if I wanted.
  11. Soldering usually doesn't affect smoke alarms at least around here, maybe they are more sensitive over at your part of the world. I solder stuff all around different places and never had a problem so far. But don't take my word for it
  12. True...but like you know the CPU fan is intake, so it's good to have a lot of cool air inside the case to begin with...still, the hot air needs to get out. I would have made them outtake myself. Will be interesting to see how your temperatures are working. I only have a small outtake fan at the rear myself, but if your setup is working I will add two outtakes on the top and change the back to intake...or the other way around...I'll have to test it, pretty hard to change the direction if they are glued down though.
  13. Are those intake or outtake fans?
  14. Ah...I missed that you changed it to a 3.5 HDD at one point, you did start with a 2.5 HDD on your part list so. I could have told you straight away that the 3.5 HDD won't fit Too bad your MB didn't have a M.2 port, then you could have had a superfast M.2 drive for OS and HS and a normal 2.5 HDD for roms.
  15. wow...very cool, if you can pull it off that is Looking forward to this!
  16. Did you ditch the Noctua cooler or haven't you recieved it yet? That stock cooler will give you serious trouble inside that small box, not even speaking about overclocking Looking good btw...clever idea to use the original button with a normal switch, is it working like it should? Do you have plans to add the led back in? I read a lot of posts that cut the original led down to get it to fit, I just soldered the cables from the MB power led to the original myself, but I suppose you could fit something in there in your build as well. I see a bunch of fans in your part image, are you planning on fitting them somewhere? And if yes, where?
  17. It all depends on the games more than the system imho. You could easily pick out a big bunch of games for all those systems that would work well with digital joysticks. A friend of mine still uses only the digital arrow keys on psx and ps2 instead of analog thumbstick whenever possible so I know it can be done in many games. But if you're aiming for completion the that's not a good option. I have digital joysticks only in my cab and I even play the sega model 2 driving game with it...yes it's not a steering wheel but who cares...for me it's more about the nostalgia and getting them up and running and I can play about all games I've tried with the digital joystick so far.
  18. Looking good, I regret that I didn't cut the T-shape out myself, more space that way, but I used the space to put the HDD and some other stuff instead but still...the cpu cooler is very close to the top.
  19. Cool...looking good! I'd say that will work with most systems up to PS2 and even some PS2 games
  20. If you can fit a gpu then why not? But yes, you'll probably need more psu power than the picopsu can deliver then. I searched forever to find a pci-x raiser that would let me bend it...but couldn't find any. Not sure they are even made.
  21. Then the Z97 will probably be your best bet, works great with the G3258. About the RAM not fitting because of the cartridge tray...I actually meant the cartridge opening (door), the inside of it extends pretty far into the console and I had to cut a fair bit out it just to fit one RAM piece.
  22. I should really think about changing the motherboard since you won't be able to overclock at all with the H97, the Z97 or B85 would be a better choice for the G3258. I have mine ocerclocked to 3.9Ghz without problems. Also the CPU cooler will be important since there isn't much space. I have the Noctua nh-l9i in mine and it works great. Also, be sure to check the placement of the components on the motherboard...for instance I can only fit one ram slot of the two on my motherboard since the cartridge tray is in the way, but that will depend on how the stuff is oriented on the board.
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