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  1. Great...just wanted to be sure.
  2. Are the ones I redrew already in there 32asssassin?
  3. Well it all depends on what you need. I have no problems with it, in fact it works better for me than any other version so far. BUT...I don't use many or any of the 3rd party bells and whistles that is/was available. I'm fine with how it is and it covers more than I was looking for. But for me it's all about a nice frontend that shows the games I wan't, nice good looking wheels (from original artwork) and the original boxes and sometimes carts. If If I get this running without glitches I'm more than happy. There is some nice addons like fades and speech and what not, but personally I don't need it to be satisfied, it's just bonuses for me. So if you need a good working setup with the basics then this is good to go imho. I can't speak for the rest of the stuff as I don't use it.
  4. Are the size correct? 400*175px
  5. How about the extension? Is it png or PNG, or something else?
  6. I'm going to try and clear some of this up. Someone made some mistakes in the official GB database and added some duplicates and revision versions. The one that we followed when we made the HQ wheel set for GB was made by Brolly and his databases are the ones to use if there is one. His database is for every game playable in English or with simple enough other languages to be playable if you only read/speak English. So there is USA/Europe/Japan/Brasil/Sweden and what have you in it. This will be a great base set for anyone and you can modify it yourself to your liking. I actually went through all the artwork for GB from hypersync today and updated it to match brollys database. Baddeolv will update it with hyperspin and fix the database when he can. And as a bonus all the HQ wheels will be on hypersync then as well Only problem is that there is only boxes/cart/cart top wheels for 561 of 831 games, so there will be some filling in to do...but I'm sure it will get done in notime! Videos I have no idea about as they live on emumovies as I'm not a contributor over there. Hope this helped.
  7. True, but as the db he was asking about had even more games I figured he was looking for the full official set.
  8. No that one is wrong and full of errors! The db should have 831 games. You can find the right one in the download/user uploads/databases as I uploaded it there. Should definitely be fixed in hyperlist but I understand it's a hell of a job to do.
  9. Since he is the guy who actually made it I would think he knows what he's on about:)
  10. Version 1.2


    Game Boy HyperBase Database (Official)
  11. Not sure...but since the loading should be very fast without the need to unzip, there wouldn't be a very long load progress bar anyway.
  12. Welcome! If HDD space isn't a problem I don't see any point in using 7z files. It will take much longer to launch games if rl needs to unpack a 7z every time you want to play a game...the older consoles have such small files so those would be quick tu unzip...but then again, they are so small that there really isn't any benefit in having them zipped from the start. I have everything unpacked in different subfolders for cd based games and the older consoles unpacked in a single folder since they usually just are a single file. If you only have img or iso files then there really isn't any point in having subfolders either imo. I'd just put them in a single folder. If you have bin and cue files then subfolders is the way to go. I noticed that if I use subfolders, Don's Hyperspin tools don't recognize the roms...or maybe I'm just doing something wrong.
  13. Nice. Looking forward to pictures and build log.
  14. Sub-Zero is Media Admin for the art project stuff and we are starting to turn art making fun again! Check it out: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/8746-media-creators-lets-collaborate/
  15. Can't you just wire a button to the motherboards on/off terminal and setup windows to shut down when the power button is pressed?
  16. Ultimarc.com Is the place to go...as you will get an I-Pac then you might as well get the rest from there too. Very fast shipping and top notch customer service.
  17. Nice work! You definitely made the right choice of basically rebuilding the whole cab...that original woodwork made my stomach turn The red T-molding was the way to go as well! What is that steering wheel btw? Looks pretty good, is it connected by USB? So what games are you gonna run on this? I'm not very familiar with the arcade driving games, what are the best ones and on what system? Also...what are the computer specs for this build? ...lot of questions...sorry!
  18. Yes I know! Too bad. The guy said he would check in the basement if the pieces are still there, if they are, then maybe I could fix it. But I think it's going to be a custom marquee for this...if any, I could make some kind of shelf on it for other game related stuff. Anyone has any opinion if I should ground the monitor chassis or leave it not grounded like it is now?
  19. Finally got the monitor chassis identified http://wiki.arcadeotaku.com/w/Rodotron_666 It's a Rodotron 666 witch essentially is the same as Wei Ya C3129D so it's a tri-sync monitor. And this seems to be the cab in question: http://hard--candy.com/candy?cab=Xiongba+KT003
  20. Connected the J-Pac today...works nicely. Just have to wire the extra buttons and make the new CP. I pulled out the old PC power supply and got a bit scared when I looked closer at the wiring...especially the AC wiring. I'm not a qualified electrician, but I have had some courses in school on it, and have worked with electronics as well as built some electronics in the past, but not that much AC stuff. I noticed the wiring after the cab just didn't start up anymore after being switched on/off a couple of times today. The last time I switched it off I noticed the AC switch was a bit stiff, and I had to push much harder on it to turn off. So the next time I switched it on...nothing happened. I suspect the switch might be broken. So...here's how it's wired. The AC cord from the wall socket comes in to an old weird looking AC input but connects on the inside...so basically the wire just goes through the panel and is soldered to the AC in from the back. This is where the ground wire is connected...I mean the ONLY place the ground wire is connected! This seems weird to me since the monitor input definitely has a ground input...but it's not connected to anything, there is a cable in the molex connector but it is cut in the other end. Well onwards from the AC input. Hot and Neutral goes to the switch (which seems alright?) and from there they are TWISTED together with the cables that goes to the monitor power supply and used to go to the PC power supply (before I removed it) only covered by electric tape...they wherent even soldered...just twisted together. This has clearly been fixed at some point by someone who has no idea what they where doing. So here is my plan...correct me if I'm wrong. Install a new IEC computer power input. Connect the hot wire to a fuse and then Neutral and Hot wires to a new DPDT switch (as well as to my new PC power supply that is going to be connected to the computer running hyperspin, as well as the ground wire), from there they would go to a power strip as well as the ground wire to where I would connect the monitor and anything else that will be powered on by the main switch like speakers. Is there any reason for me not to connect the ground to the monitor? I read somewhere about interference problems? Anything else that should be grounded? There is no metal frame in the cab...it's all plastic. Thanks for any advice.
  21. That is exactly what I was thinking about, very nice, thank you...basically I could just put an old lcd monitor on the top of the cab and then maybe build some kind of box around it to match the rest of the cab. I let my wife design the artwork for the cab and CP as she's more of the "artist" in the house. Not sure where we will put artwork, but at least on the CP, and probably something not too big on the sides. Now if I only could figure out why there is no sound. Got to get the old multimeter and check the cabling.
  22. JayC


    Good luck! In my opinion it's easier than the old one. And soon when the name change is complete it's Rocket Launcher time. I'm going to wait for that until I update, as well as installing it in my new cab.
  23. Yes i know that thed ArcadeVGA wont solve the problem, but I'm not sure I want to mess with the highvoltages of the monitor myself. Better to get someone better qualified to do it. I like that simple marqee. Maybe a second screen as a marquee and then adding a custom border to it. Then I could change the marquee to match the game. Not sure how to do that thoug.
  24. Well...that's a problem...I have the marquee...or at least a part of it. The company I bought it from had managed to destroy most of it...cheap thin plastic you know. So I'm thinking about making a custom marquee somehow...maybe a wooden box painted with the same colors as the rest of the cab. Or maybe a marquee with a monitor? Is there any point in using a second monitor?
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