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  1. I use RetroArch for most of the systems nowadays and I like it very much...it's a lot easier to get up and running than before. I use the Nestopia core for NES and it's very nice and smooth...but I can't seem to figure out one thing. Because the USA NES is NTSC and the European versions is PAL the PAL games run about 20% faster in a NTSC console. Like some of you know...some NES games like Super Mario Brothers where converted badly between ntsc and pal and the speed of the music isn't the same on both systems. I grew up and played the one with faster music, and every time I play the one with the slower music it just doesn't feel right. Well...I have the ROMs for both USA and Europe versions and they both work. Earlier I used another emulator and both versions worked like they should. But with RetroArch and Nestopia core the European ROM is way too fast probably because the music is already faster and then it speeds up another 20% because of PAL to NTSC conversion. So...my question is, how can I make RetroArch play the damn game the right way? Can I change region in the core somehow? Do I have to use another core than Nestopia? Thankful for any input!
  2. I don't think you can setup keyboard keys from the retroarch ui. It's not implemented to retroarch yet. You have to manually add keys to the config files.
  3. JayC

    Thanks button is back

    You are very welcome good sir!
  4. And then there's probably some shareware/freeware dos games and maybe some demogames that came with consoles that where free.
  5. Yay...seems the thanks button is back. I missed it alot when it disappeared... But now I somehow like that people take time and writes a thank you. It's more personal that way...though it clutters threads a bit. Maybe it's good to have both options
  6. Wow...Good to know! I barely know how to use google translate lol. But Swedish, English & Finnish i do know.
  7. So who herre on the forum actually reads japanese? I know that both sjignacz and brolly does...and DrMaxwell as well it seems. Could be good to know if someone needs some japanese characters when making artwork as well as if you need to know what something says.
  8. That keyboard looks great Gigapig. I have the K400 that is similar. The K400 works ok...the mouse pad isn't the greatest so playing anything that needs mouse control isn't going to be very good, but then again most mouse pads aren't that good for gaming purposes. How is the mouse pad on the K830? At least it looks much better, and the illuminated keys is a great addition, any idea about battery life using illuminated keys vs. not illuminated? Point and click games mostly uses mouse of course so the SCUMMVM games really needs a mouse, same goes for some DOS games. And having a mouse pad that doesn't work well is a pain, but using a normal mouse when sitting on the couch isn't optimal either, at least not without a good mouse mat. But i usually find using a mouse on the TV a bit of a struggle thanks to the resolution of the TV and the extremely small pointer and text sometimes.
  9. I'm too looing for the virtual jaguar .lib file. Someone posted about it a while back but haven't found it anywhere. Could someone maybe drop it in the ftp?
  10. JayC


    Oh...sorry, read too fast and thought you meant platinum by supporting, my bad. But I also thought that the same stuff could be found in the gold member ftp section.
  11. JayC


    You can use hypersync to easily sync the artwork with your databases
  12. I actually made some special effects to a music video that was shown in some theaters over here...didn't appear in the video though, here's an before/after image: And the video:
  13. I can see that going very wrong very fast
  14. Wow...that's impressive! Gotta love the outfits though They wouldn't really be forgiving on my figure. Would probably look more like the Michelin man lol.
  15. My username is part of my company's name. Janeco Digi-rec, it is a recording studio and sound reinforcement / media production company. I realized soon that Janecorec really wasn't the best name since everybody on forums started calling me Jane and thinking I'm a woman But it kind of stuck and I'm still using it.
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