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  1. Nicely done! Although there seems to be missing One game :) or rather one release of game, European release of "Out of this World" named "Another World".

    I don't know what is your consensus on such matter. There might have been other games with different name released in eu.us region


    The game was published in North America under the title Out of This World in order to avoid confusion with the popular but unrelated soap opera television series Another World. Coincidentally, the science fiction sitcom Out of This World aired at the same time as the game's USA-Canada release.


    I love the fact that they have "spines" and they are big. I hate small artwork.. And as u said i also can't shake the desire or idea rather, to see back side along with front side of box

  2. From what i can tell , you uploaded wrong files.

    flash art in your picture doesn't match files in download. Files in download are old special art project from here:

    Your is suppose to have different buttons and controller (left right)


  3. On 1/22/2018 at 3:07 AM, Mykillvee said:

    Is the zip unusable?  It works for me. And, yeah...I tend to use existing MAME zip files when I make themes, so I’ll just have to edit the text when I get around to it.  Lol

    Oh no it is unzip-able. everything is :) But theme loader (hyper theme) will not accept it because file is not in "stored" compression.


    Sorry it was poor choice of words on my part. I didnt mean to say "unusable"

  4. 57 minutes ago, RLBradders26 said:

    Just had a look through this and its 1000 times better than the official Nintendo DS Database which has no info in at all other than the names, so thank you. Just out of curiosity why do some games have no genre filled in? Also you seem to be doing a load of databases and some of them are huge do you scrape the data or put it all in manually?

    There is less then third without genre filled in.

    Its complicated to get good info from sources. This one is pulled from at least 10 different web sites/sources if they dont have i cant have it either. I do not write manually

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