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  1. 5 hours ago, Bungles said:

    Love the idea, but it there is too much going on in my opinion.

    The items don't feel authentic to the scenes unfortunately as their ratios, angles and lighting for the scene don't flow for me.


    Its an amazing attempt though don't get me wrong or feel discouraged as these sorts of real live scenes are very hard to create. But.. like most works it can only get better as you develop your skills.




    Dog doesnt help, he broke the illusion of distance with his size. There is one strong beam of light on center of screen which is visible even on table,dunno i am far from professional but i like it. I dont think i could do much more on such tight space unless i try to add even more debts but then i would loose poster size, or tv would get smaller..

    Anyway , until 2 weeks ago i never touched photoshop in my life :P

    I accept criticism as well as suggestion :)

  2. 3 hours ago, Kondorito said:

    Nice work Ice!

    Thanks :) if u have any suggestions i am all ears. Will start working on all other consoles using room as template.

    Unfortunately my idea of using box arts for posters wont work on hyperspin, due to artwork order wheel will end up behind room ,invisible..Can't add live weather thou window either..

  3. But i am heaving serious idea on improvement ,but doesnt seem possible on HS.

    I made spot where posters are transparent and then in its place it will load box arts. And it will be under nice room light effects.

    hyperspin is making it impossible due to wheels ending up behind,but its doable for am

    mokup test:


  4. I did some room redesign, it has new ceeling lightning, window, floor, walls...  any opinions ?


    i am thinking of maybe doing live weather throu window (rain maybe, sea/beach etc) i dont know how could i do that in hyperspin tho. AM loader its just matter of scripting it



  5. Old Room 1080p themes

    I decided to make /redo some of my themes for hyperspin in 1080p using flash.

    package contains AM and HS themes. AM in png format because it works fine and HS in flash format to read it.

    Suggestions welcome.

    Themes so far


    Nintendo 64
    Nintendo BS-X Satellaview
    Nintendo Entertainment System
    Nintendo Famicom
    Nintendo Famicom Disk System
    Nintendo Super Famicom
    PC Games
    Sega 32X
    Sega Master System
    Sega Mega Drive
    Sony PlayStation 1
    Sony PlayStation 2
    Sony PlayStation 3
    Super Nintendo Entertainment System



    Preview of ps2:





    created psx theme

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  6. On 2/6/2018 at 1:51 PM, Kondorito said:

    Hey guys!
    I tried making it but for some reason the video looks awful (like pixelated/broken), and was not able to get the measurements right for the elements.



    This is because HS doesnt support good png smoothing. It works fine with flash, which is why people are actually doing flash 16:9 instead of png 16:9

    I honestly don't even use HS, all my work is actually used on AM with loader, and png smoothing looks fabulous in there. So i actually dont really want to convert my png's to flash

  7. 20 minutes ago, Bungles said:

    Still trying to figure out how to reference external sources for text like Dark13 did with his Aeon Nox theme.


    I know that you can build flash file that will read xml data from sources and present it as charts or other style, i saw it. But i am n00b when it comes to flash, never tempered with it.Maybe flash builder? (just quick google)

    P.S there seem to be some quick tutorials on actionscript for what u are asking


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  8. I think this database can benefit from mine. It can help you populate games data that u miss. After comparing files there is a lot to gain. Sorry for not seeing this at the beginning , but game list is the same.

  9. Hello !

    Awesome work on HD !

    But if someone knows ..how to make white background to black?

    Its killing my eyes


    without enhanced mod background is black ,but when i switch it on ,it became white.. and i haven't found way to change to black..

    Nvidia 560ti 337.88 drivers (latest)

    DeSmuME X432R 2014-05-25-1 <----- using this



    ok found a way ..

    it seems that screen gap option gets greyed the moment i switch to lcd layout horizontal..

    i have to change to black before switching to horizontal .thanks

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