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  1. g'day sir, just wanted to let you know, I was just setting up your star wars table ultra edition table for full screen (arcade render) use, and discovered that when in full screen the table throws up a pinball meditation error, played for a while in 4:3 orientation and had no problems, but as soon as i run arcade render mode, I get that error, the line at which the error occurs varies, but always seems to have something to do with the DMD (which isn't visible in arcade render mode). I couldn't get this error to occur with the empire edition. Another thing is, im not sure if im using the lastest version of the table (i have three different versions, 2 called star wars.fpt which have different file sizes, and one called star wars arcade.fpt. I bring this up because the first thing i did was tried to dl the latest version from FPF to make sure i was up to date, but the media fire link to 1.2 is broken. Cheers for all your hard work mate, now that i have a vertical monitor setup, i can appreciate your skills even more. Really looking forward to some of those mods ive been looking at on youtube (and of course, your marvel table!) Take it easy dude

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