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  1. ScummVM - 3D Box Pack

    This is a complete set of all the ScummVM game boxes in 3d, set to match the list put out by the ScummVM team for v1.2.0 and marked as working. These were done 3d by dazeke, they were started originally by me (stupus) in 2d and then dazeke helped in finishing the 2d and having the 3d idea.
    There are 159 total, they are named to match the listing here at HS, and there are some additional ones, that are not in the list here, that may either not work great right now, or be the original releases of the games, when an updated version was later put out by the company. Cases of this would be- Kings Quest 1 & 4, Police Quest 1, Quest for Glory 1, Space Quest 1 and Leisure Suit Larry 1. So both box versions have been provided, so you can choose and rename which you want to use, or even use both if you so choose-enjoy! Special thanks to Exo for keeping this great set alive and of course the ScummVM team for the Emu.



  2. ColecoVision - 2D Box Pack

    Here is my complete colecovision box art set, it consists of the full no-intro series most current as of June 2010, it includes box art for every game except demos and alternate dumps. This totals at 157 games/roms. Also included is 14 select games from the goodset and tosec sets, they are the more memorable and better functioning ones, as most of the ones in those sets that do not appear in no-intro are junk and alt.dumps.
    I have managed to compile an original cover for EVERY game that I believe a cover was ever originally created for. About half a dozen games that were protos and such I believe never had boxes printed and for those I have created ones using any available original art. If you happen to have other art for these please let me know.
    Thanks and enjoy-please obtain persmission from me if you wish to use these in a seperate project of your own.



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