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  1. Always wondered about that, ZX. Next time my setup hangs ill check the wheel images. Is it only wheels or could it also be videos and/or themes?

    Not sure - its always been a corrupt wheel image when I've experienced the problem but I guess corrupt video and themes could cause their own problems too.

  2. Ver.1 of a unofficial Microsoft MSX2 Database can be found in my FTP Folder - this features 153 titles

    Also uploaded is some 2D box artwork renamed to this database

    Videos & snaps renamed to this database can be found in my FTP folder on emumovies

  3. thank you for the database

    once you guys decide the database is final and finished etc, i will take the time to rename everything to match the database

    and update the download link with the new material

    ps: couldnt figure out how to turn off the speed indicator.....and it didnt bother me that much....

    It's as complete as I can make it - there was one or two games in the database that I couldn't find information for though but for me it's done

  4. I don't think "Postman Pat" was delivering letters in 1982 ;-)

    Just renamed the roms in Craigs download and after finding the naming a bit off, looked around the net for info on release dates etc. I'm sure there may be additional games that could be added.

  5. I've just uploaded a new database to my FTP folder that cleans up the game names a little, adds manufacturer and year of release etc.

    It would mean having to rename the great work Craig has done so far along with your ROM names so you may feel it's not worth the bother but it's there if you want it!

  6. for a few weeks guys my family comes first i'll be back better than ever :) I'm getting bored with the wii themes next up dreamcast :)

    Your work is very much appreciated - take a break and recharge those batteries mate ;-)

  7. I take my eye off a thread for two minutes (in what I like to call hyperspin time) and the next thing I know, 2 years have passed (real time) and Roadrunner is all but done. Well Done - your hard work is very much appreciated by all

  8. I think I have all the recent manuals for arcade, home systems, computer based and handheld for HyperLaunch Media but wouldn't be nice if Hypersync can do this?

    Are you able to share these somewhere Joe?

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