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  1. Version 20120711


    VTech CreatiVision 3D Box Pack
  2. I'm here to help with testing if needed - thanks for the work!
  3. Not sure - its always been a corrupt wheel image when I've experienced the problem but I guess corrupt video and themes could cause their own problems too.
  4. I've had this problem on a number of wheels in the past and always found that it was due to a corrupt wheel image somewhere within the wheel folder. This can happen when using Hypersync to update your wheel sets.
  5. Videos & snaps renamed to this database can be found in my FTP folder on emumovies
  6. Ver.1 of a unofficial Microsoft MSX2 Database can be found in my FTP Folder - this features 153 titles Also uploaded is some 2D box artwork renamed to this database
  7. Videos and Snaps renamed to this database can be found in my FTP folder on emumovies
  8. A mixture of 2D & 3D box artwork renamed to this database has been uploaded to my ftp (around 260 titles)
  9. Ver.1 of a unofficial Microsoft MSX Database can be found in my FTP Folder - this features 615 titles
  10. It's as complete as I can make it - there was one or two games in the database that I couldn't find information for though but for me it's done
  11. Is it really that long ago......crikey!
  12. Thanks for spotting and correcting that ;-)
  13. Also - just uploaded some game manuals that can be used within HyperLaunch Media
  14. I don't think "Postman Pat" was delivering letters in 1982 ;-) Just renamed the roms in Craigs download and after finding the naming a bit off, looked around the net for info on release dates etc. I'm sure there may be additional games that could be added.
  15. I've just uploaded a new database to my FTP folder that cleans up the game names a little, adds manufacturer and year of release etc. It would mean having to rename the great work Craig has done so far along with your ROM names so you may feel it's not worth the bother but it's there if you want it!
  16. Are you able to share these somewhere Joe?
  17. Great job Baddie! Just one question - when there were multiple choices for each game theme, did you go through the process of picking the best to be made available for download? (I know this is subjective) - the theme that prompted this question was "Athena" which I know was redone by someone quite a while ago and showed Athena in her various armour states from within the game (great theme). The one included for download isn't quite so great.
  18. I could help if help where needed. I created the 3d Creativision boxes in the past. I'd be very interested in helping bringing the ZX Spectrum up to the standard such an historically important system deserves.
  19. I feel a bit of idiot posting this as I should have known better but if it helps others then I'm happy. Up until yesterday I've been unable to use the latest version of Hypersync as the only thing that appeared to sync were the pointers. I tried everything to sort this out including re-installing .net 4 but nothing worked. I WRONGLY assumed that because I didn't require video downloads I didn't need to enter a emumovies username and password. This is incorrect, even if you are a non paying member of emumovies, still enter your username and password into Hypersync and everything will work perfectly! Oooops!
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