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  1. @Junky Thanks for the info. Helps a lot. I was going to install 2 usb ports for the xbox controllers and the aimtrak guns. But i just read Connorsdad "Grounds 4 Divorce" build and, if i understand correctly, the guns are better kept plugged in. (Sorry for my English) So your info about the wireless controllers is very helpfull. Thanks for the link was looking for usb ports like that and couldn't find them. Joysticks. I wasn't planning on putting analog sticks at the CP because i will use the gamepads when i need those. What kind of 4/8 way i will use i'm not sure. I think the one that changes the easiest from 4 to 8 way and back. I know that there is one that changes from the top by twisting the handle. Not sure what brand it was. Pinball buttons: again very helpfull. Spinner: i can't make up my mind. Need to make layout for my CP and see what can be done. Thank you all
  2. thanks for the update. Really like your cabinet. Maybe i'll copy your CP (without the artwork offcourse). The side panels of your cab did you laminate them or is it melamine?
  3. For the moment i only plan one cabinet and that's why i want as many systems on it as i can. And no, i don't wanne say "if only ..." Nice cabinet you have there. I notice you have two flipper buttons on each side and a nudge button. That second flipper button is it necessary? Maybe in the future (very distant) i will build me a race cabinet. But only if this one is a winner.
  4. thanks guys i will only be using shift for a few commands like Enter, ESC, Menu, ... and i'm planning to place that on the graphics of the CP. @intigod so you use the buttons from player one? Anyone used a spinner? Does it add value or are there not much games that uses it and it will only clutter the cp? I used to like Arkanoid but haven't played it for years and i don't know if it is playable without a spinner.
  5. @showstopper Thanks for the reply. I know that too many buttons can look cluttered/crowded. That's why i'm asking these questions. If i only need 6 buttons for mame then that is what i'm going to use. For playstation and others where i need analog sticks, i plan to use an analog joypad like an xbox controller. Thanks for the link. I already read that but i doesn't hurt to read it again :-) Do you know how much admin buttons i need?
  6. Hey Intigod thanks for your answer. For the moment i don't play much games. If i play, they are really old (80's) and i only need 2 or 3 buttons. The little spare time i have i spend on reading, searching and setting up a system to place in the cab. Did you use dedicated buttons with the trackball?
  7. Hi all, I'm going to build a cabinet but i have some questions about the control panel. I will be trying to use systems like mame, nintendo, playstation, sega, etc with Hyperspin as the frontend. What i am going to use: 2 joysticks (4/8 way) 2 coin buttons / 2 start buttons and make use of the shiftbutton (I-pac) for Enter, Esc, Menu 2 buttons on the right side / 2 buttons on the left side (for pinball games) USB connections for analog gamepads (like xbox controller) What i am not sure of and need your help with. Should i add a spinner or trackball? Are there many games that use them? If i add one or both should i put some buttons with them? Do i need an analog stick on the panel? How many buttons should i give each player? As i said, i will add USB ports for gamepads. Are 6 buttons enough or schould i use 7 or 8? Also i'm going to use a button to power on/off the cabinet. This one is probably going to be hardwired to the pc. I'm also thinking on using a set of aimtrack guns. Not sure if i add them in the beginning or later as an update. (Budget) Do i need 2 receivers for 2 guns or is one enough? Can the receivers be placed behind a plexi bezel? Does the monitor need to be upright or can it be placed at an angle? I know that i'm asking a lot of questions, but the more i read here and on other forums the more i get confused. I hope you guys can point me in the right direction. Thanks
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