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    Sorry for the recent downtime. Still much to do but we have the site updated, secure and back online.  Expect more changes.


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  1. Okay, so I have made it back from round #2 of surgeries and over the next couple of days (aside from playing WoW) I will be working on a major revision of HyperSync which addresses some of the little annoyances that users seem to be having with the application. Stuff such as proper path verification, artwork auditing will be worked on, there will also be a new multi-threaded downloader that will better utilize the network stream and allow for segmented downloading. There is also one feature that I am very keen on working on, but don't want to say anything about it until I have had plenty of time to test it out. Another thing that I am excited to have built into the application is a Internet speed survey (which basically tests the clients Internet connection speed) that will allow HyperSync to manage downloading of data in a proper way for users using any Internet connection type.

    Stay tuned!

  2. Once MAME itself doesn't support XP64 I'll move away - there's no benefit to me to upgrade to Windows 7 or higher at the moment because CRT_Emudriver and GroovyMAME don't function with it.

    I appreciate that it's outdated, but my bugbear is that HyperSync is the only way of getting the artwork - yet a Premium Donation is advertised (and indeed the PM you get after donating states) that the latest artwork will be available on the FTP, but you can't get it from there.

    My issue's not really with HyperSync (though you should update the opening post if it's compatible at the moment ;) ) so I'll take it up with BBB.

    I will not say that HyperSync is XP 64 compatible even though it works, because it can be updated at anytime that would make it non functional on that system. The FTP is updated once a month I believe, to have the same media available on FTP as in HyperSync is not possible as it would require someone to man the controls 24/7; that is why we dump it once a month. I guess I just don't understand this post....

  3. Agreed, I have no ideal what you are talking about as well. HyperSync does work on Windows XP 64 at the moment as well. But as my other Windows XP 64 bit users know; that operating system is a dying platform (hell the x64 XP version was just about dead out of the gate anyhow.) There will be a time where you will be forced to move away from such an outdated platform; heck I love Windows 95 too but can't run it and with good reason. My suggestion to you is to try the current version of HyperSync before posting because you should have no problem at all running it......

  4. Well I would upgrade, but it makes me nervous that it doesn't launch on my computer.

    Have you tried the newest version out and removed the troublesome line from the .config file? Plus, I always get it working on everybodies computer 100% of the time. It's usually just a quick problem with a Windows install.

  5. Please Everyone, take note:

    I have some big changes taking place to the HyperSync server and it is highly important everybody is staying up to date with the latest versions of HyperSync. I will reveal more about said changes later, but for now just please update your installation. Thank you

  6. Updated HyperSync to v. to Address Security Issues

    This update includes a few minor updates to the application which should accommodate for security issues. Please users who have had security issues in the past download the new version from here or use HyperSync's built in updater. Let me know if this has resolved the issue, thank you very much!

  7. I tested on my laptop this morning (also Win7 64-bit) and it fails with same unhandled exception as yours, so that's good :)

    I ran HS in windbg and it still seems windows security related. Running as admin doesn't help, the only thing that worked for me is to explicitly override the partial trust on the file - right-click on the .exe, properties and click unblock.


    If you already did this or it still doesn't work then maybe Rain can help.

    Rain, if you're interested, this is what windbg gave me:

    Exception object: 035fe728
    Exception type:   System.MethodAccessException
    Message:         [color=#FF0000] Attempt by security transparent method 'A.c524ee3f4f0441350cf54ebfc8a5d728d.c5eaff128485e1e9e2caa29c31786aeae()' to access security critical method 'System.AppDomain.add_ResourceResolve(System.ResolveEventHandler)' failed.[/color]
    InnerException:   <none>
    StackTrace (generated):
    StackTraceString: <none>
    HResult: 80131510

    ...I think it might be Reflection related.

    Cheers for the debug log! Looks like the problem is when its trying to determine your MAC address! I also want to thank you for the 'fix', I can confirm this works on two new machines!</none></none></none>

  8. HyperSync Now Supports XP32 & XP64

    I couldn't leave you guys in the dark for too long, so after some very exhausting research and expensive libraries I am pleased to announce that HyperSync now supports all Windows versions (XP and above.) If you have not already, redownload the HyperSync file from here and run. Thanks to everybody and your support!

  9. I love the work you did man, but seriously it is so frustrating to spend 45 minutes poking around and deleting INI files trying to figure out why I have no systems.

    That Blue arcade cabinet tile with no label has got to go!!

    Please label it and/or if someone has no systems pop right into the media configuration section.

    Even after reading your instructions, I still didnt know that was an actual button to click. Maybe make the arcade cabinet smaller and label it "Settings" or use a cog along side a cabinet

    It will never have a label, but I might consider adding a cog to it in later versions.

  10. Yesss, finally out. Unfortunately looks like I'm going to have to wait a little longer, as HyperSync isn't cooperating on my system, crashes immediately. DEBUG.log contents are here but I can't make sense of them:


    This on a minimally-touched Windows 7 64-bit install, fully updated, with .NET Framework 4 and Windows Media Player 12.

    I tried running HyperSync as admin, running it from C, and repairing .NET 4 but still get the same error every time.

    Yours looks to be a Windows Security issue and not a HyperSync issue, there is nothing you can do to get HyperSync to run. I will pass your issue on to Jon our resident Windows expert and he should be able to help you.

  11. HyperList is up there on my list as well, we have decided to just recode the whole damned thing as the current HyperList is to 'broken', and not worth the time to fix. Circo, you know me ~ I'm a multitasker baby!

    On a serious note, I am so glad that everybody is enjoying the new HyperSync and that it is operating so well for so many. I owe so many people for it's success that I could not possibly begin to list everybody here. So, thank you all very much for your help along the way!

  12. Windows 8.1 is the Bomb! The brilliance of Windows 7 was enough to move me away from the antiquated Windows XP framework, and after I saw the performance increase of Windows 8 vs Windows 7 I moved to it instead. Now that Windows 8.1 is out for public beta, I had no choice but to move to it, as a developer I cannot ignore the overall performance and enhancements of Windows 8. Granted a lot of elder legacy type applications won't run on it, it is a great operating system all around. HyperSync will have no issues with Windows 8 as the larger portion of it was programmed on Windows 8.1. I could never look back, and honestly it was the best $41 I think I ever spent in my life.

    Honestly, I never really had any problems with Vista (even when it was new), it always did what it was supposed to do. The only thing I ever noticed is that people would blindly put it on systems with 512 MB of RAM (which was pretty standard for laptops back then) and it would run a little slow. Can't really fault Microsoft for users who don't pay attention and try to overload their systems with software it simply can't handle. Nope, I've got nothing bad to say about Vista at all. And compared to Windows XP Vista's GUI was ten fold better looking IMO. Vista gave us a lot of the stuff that we still use today in modern operating systems. I have an older Vista rig with 1.3GB of RAM, 1.2GHz Intel processor and a 40GB HDD that I am still very fond of, that's the computer I learned how to program on, and would not take anything in the world for it. As a matter of fact here is a little known fact; anytime I finish a build of an application, it is compiled on that very same Vista machine (mostly for sentimental reasons.) So, I guess in a round a bout way, without Windows Vista HyperSync would have never been published.. :)

  13. Rain I left mine run overnight for sync of all my systems, when I returned to it today there was a prompt on the screen saying "BOO" , the sync had stopped but when I clicked ok on the prompt it resumed ?

    Hehehe, download the latest update. From time to time I put random MessageBoxes in my application to trap errors visually. You found an easter egg, the newest versions will not include the boo!

  14. Updated HyperSync to

    This release includes a new Game Settings tab located within the Media Configuration window. This tab allows you to adjust what items get synced for a particular game. For instance if you do not want to sync a theme for Super Street Fighter 3 then you can turn off themes for this particular game. This is a beta build of the feature, but I believe it is very stable at the moment.


    Also - Please ensure that you are all updating your HyperSync versions during this finalization process as new builds are being developed every single day. I still see about 70 users are using way out of date HyperSync's which are generating a lot of server side scripting errors; so let's get 'em updated. Thanks guys!

  15. EmuMovies Update Care Package

    Just updated the application, so make sure to grab your copy today! Started adding in some methods for querying EmuMovies.com to retrieve data for the new HyperLaunch system. EmuMovies.com is almost becoming a necessity for HyperSync as so much of the data we get comes directly from there. If you are not a member of EmuMovies.com consider joining ASAP as big changes are coming to HyperSync and I personally want to make sure you get the most "bang" possible out of your video gaming setup.

  16. Rain, which files does HS actually needed from WMP? Because of my Windows 7 HyperSpin Edition I decided to take out the build in media player from Windows and to integrate VLC as this is a much lighter and faster mp. This is also the prefered mp by the most of us after doing a little research. I can implement WMP12 again, but I want it as lite as possible in there. So I was wondering which files it actually needs to run HS properly. Maybe you can PM me about this.


    If it was just a bundle of random DLL files that HyperSync needed I would have included them in the build. However, HyperSync uses the core application to play media files at the moment. I am working on a DirectX version of HyperSync for viewing of the media assets but that could be a "long" time away. Windows Media Player in and of itself is not a 'large' application to speak of, but it is a required dependency of HyperSync; one of which there is no way around.

  17. I re installed the whole Windows XP x64, did not remove any component, and tested the Windows Media Player.

    Tried to run HyperSync and it crashes like before. One thing that i note, its the last WMP available for Windows XP its the 11 version. I am running now the WMP 10 (The version that came with Windows).

    There is my log with the new SO installed. Any test do you guys want i'll de doing to debug this. Feel free to ask.


    It may never work for you. :( I will see if I can buy some new media player controls that are compatible universally.

  18. this is the download error issue i was talking about [ATTACH=CONFIG]28234[/ATTACH]

    This is a fail-safe and will display if a file download looses packets in transfer; not an issue with HyperSync at all. It means the server is sending fragmented data to the client. So rather than write a corrupt file to the drive HyperSync detects the fragmented data and eliminates it. This is not considered an issue on the HyperSync side of things at all; as we cannot control how the server sends the data too us.

  19. Hello Rain. I just updated my Hypersync, installed the last windows media player for Windows XP x64 (Windows Media Player 11). Now it just says that Hypersync its already running and create this debug.log.



    You're error is telling me you do not have Windows Media Player installed.​ Install Windows Media Player from Control Panel > Add or remove Windows Features > Media > Windows media player then you'll be golden.

  20. Update

    I have updated the application, if you cannot automatically update your app download the new version from here. This version traps the startup routine to find out exactly what's going on with your specific machine; since the errors in HyperSync are related to MS Windows and not HyperSync at all. Run the application and then post your DEBUG.LOG (which everyone will have now.)

    Also I updated the main post: You MUST have Windows Media Player 12 (or higher) installed for HyperSync to load.

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