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  1. This is a fail-safe and will display if a file download looses packets in transfer; not an issue with HyperSync at all. It means the server is sending fragmented data to the client. So rather than write a corrupt file to the drive HyperSync detects the fragmented data and eliminates it. This is not considered an issue on the HyperSync side of things at all; as we cannot control how the server sends the data too us.
  2. Updated HyperSync to This feature will trap all of the DownloadFile() method calls and improve the overall end user experience greatly. You can download the updated application from the downloads section, or update from HyperSync directly.
  3. You're error is telling me you do not have Windows Media Player installed.​ Install Windows Media Player from Control Panel > Add or remove Windows Features > Media > Windows media player then you'll be golden.
  4. Update I have updated the application, if you cannot automatically update your app download the new version from here. This version traps the startup routine to find out exactly what's going on with your specific machine; since the errors in HyperSync are related to MS Windows and not HyperSync at all. Run the application and then post your DEBUG.LOG (which everyone will have now.) Also I updated the main post: You MUST have Windows Media Player 12 (or higher) installed for HyperSync to load.
  5. Do you have Windows Media Player installed on your PC?
  6. Relic, your a beta tester so post it on the tracker and help keep this thread clean. I am about to stat pruning this thread.
  7. for giggles run this version and let me know HyperSync Cloud.zip
  8. Updated HyperBase API and HyperSync, see first post...
  9. Agreed 100%, it makes Vista look like fun!
  10. Sorry, I cannot be of more help unless I know what's going on I don't know how to fix it. The data posted above is meant for a Microsoft technician and tells me nothing about the internal error (as it's all encrypted in those fingerprint ID tags.) There is something going on with your Windows version which might be blocking the application from running. I will see what I can do on my end though, if anything at all.
  11. I know nothing bout Windows XP 64, I never had any luck with it at all. What about your DEBUG.LOG file, PASTEBIN the contents of it all and link it back here so I can take a look inside. I have attached a very special build of HyperSync, run it and POST your DEBUG.LOG to PASTEBIN. DEBUG.zip
  12. All the stuff in that box with the "CLOSE" button I need you to paste into pastebin so I can take a look at it; or perhaps I could remote connect with you that way I can see it crash live.
  13. HyperSync does not pull from the directories on the FTP. HyperSync grabs 720p video sets until the final version which will be able to sync 480p.
  14. My first guess would be is that EmuMovies does not have a HQ set of Atari 2600 vids; course that's just me spitting into the wind....
  15. All the stuff in that box, paste it here - otherwise its just speculation why it wont work..........
  16. Post your error logs if you have them, or all the junk inside the crash boxes. I cant fix what I cannot see.
  17. Hmmm, might have to check that again. I think the travel time from USA to AUS might be a spot too far for the PING route. Will look at autodetecting country in the AM.
  18. This is a known issue, you may have to click on the sync button two or three times in order to get it going. So you know, I am in the process of fixing this and updating it to a more "stable" query site. UPDATE: Think I figured 'er out. Click About > Check for Updates and install the latest version of HyperSync. This should fix that little booger right up.
  19. If it doesn't show up in the drop-down list then Atari 2600 must not be in your \Databases\Main Menu\Main Menu.xml. Lemme' know how that works for ya'.
  20. Just wanted to drop by and say thanks for creating such a great application and giving me something to do with all of my free time! Programming little applications to accompany this frontend has been a rewarding experience. Thanks a lot! :D

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