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  1. I don't know why a list be blank, but for the other questions it's because everything user generated so...

    If there a list or content for a system that doesn't work, it's because someone liked the system and/or made it in preparation for when it was emulated.

    And if x box not there it will be because no one has made yet, probably due to the poor emulation status atm.

    Most of the mainstream emulated systems should be there

  2. Versatility? Ease of setup? It is relatively easy to setup a wheel with one emulator, so rather than having a system wheel, some people would prefer to have a wheel for an emulator. That way, they put their games in the wheel that runs it best, rather than the wheel for the system it is from.

    Of course, with the "alternative emulator" option you could just throw them all in same wheel, but this takes a bit more time to do so You can understand someone wanting to skip

    Also, some people like the theming of particular emulators, so prefer to build their setup that way.

    Guess a shorter answer could have been "why not?". Is what makes this hobby interesting; you can set things up however u want ūüėÉ

  3. On 13/04/2017 at 4:24 PM, abear said:

    Dunk, thanks for the advice - I used Don's tools to make a merged list to include my MAME favorites and Daphne games. I currently have two wheels, MAME and Daphne with MAME roms and Daphne files in separate folders. Where exactly does this new .xml file go? Will Hyperspin know to look elsewhere to see/launch my Daphne games or do I need a dummy .zip for the Daphne titles in my MAME folder in order for those titles to appear on the one wheel? Thanks again!

    Hi abear,

    You need to add a new system in hyperhq with the same name as your xml (i used "Arcade"). Then youd place your new xml in its database folder.


    When merging with Don's it add an exe tag to each game - corresponding to the original xml the game came from. This allows Rocketlauncher to know how to run each game - in your example it would let it know what needed Daphne and what needed mame - so its vital you keep all original systems setup in RL in background (just make invisible in hyperspin if you only want to browse the combined wheel).


    Finally, with games i just dumped them all in one folder called arcade and pointed the system to that folder in RL. But, if you want to keep games seperate then you could just point to both game folders in RL.


    Finally, youll need to combine all ur media (wheels, videos etc) in the folders for the new system you created at the start

  4. How did you get on with this? Did you finish it


    Not yet. I got as far as adding sega model 2, model 3, triforce and Atomiswave to mame. Still need to add a few more systems.


    Is actually really easy to do by using dons list merger in same way as post above

  5. Dunk, looking for your attachment which states how you edited the .ini files to get multiple emulators on one wheel. Do you just cut and paste from the Daphne database to the Mame database? Trying to just add a few Daphne games to my Mame wheel seeing those are the only ones I want added to my arcade games.


    If you use Don's list merger you can make the list you need. Just merge your mame list with your daphne list.


    The tool automatically adds the exe tag to every entry - it will tag it with title of the list the game came from. Great thing is RocketLauncher reads this tag and uses it to know what settings to use. So assuming you got both systems setup - games tagged mame will launch with your mame settings, and games tagged daphne will launch with your daphne settings :)

  6. Wheels, themes, videos, box art and cart art go in the HyperSpin folders.


    Bezels and Fade go in RocketLauncher folders, as they are not to do with the front end, but to do with the launcher.


    Basically, everything before you click on a game is the Frontend (HyperSpin). Once you click on a game everything is controlled by the Launcher (RocketLauncher in your case)

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  7. When using Bezels, I like the game screen to be as big as possible and only use the Bezel to fill in any blank display areas. MAME has a "cropped bezel" mode that does this automatically, but RetroArch does not.


    After looking around, I couldn't find any RetroArch handheld overlays that didn't take up more of the screen than they needed to, so I made my own. To use, you just need to run the core in "core provided" aspect ration and if you have a 16:9 display these bezels will fill in the gaps.


    I'll attach the config files and images to each post, if you want to use any just put both the image file and config file in your RetroArch overlays folder.

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  8. These have been totally redrawn and are at a large size, Also included are all the CorelDraw files and Photoshop files I used.


    Wow, now that's actual talent there. I just cut mine out, and some of the source art I could find was not that great - these are much cleaner. Good Job! :)

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  9. Excellent work. The ? Is missing. Please post asap lol. Great job

    Yeah, after asking for an '?' I realised that's not one of the default hyperspin letters anyway. D'oh.

    So, this set is complete. I'll upload when next on my laptop. Thx for the approval :)

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  10. Got a few more done this morning - up to N now (updated first post).


    Also started thinking about what numbers to use, so if anyone has some games with numbers in title please let me know. Already thinking the 2 from street fighter 2, and 3 from Mortal Kombat 3. And for symbols, I have already made an ! from Mr Do!, but is there a good ' or ? anywhere?


    Hopefully get some more time later in weekend to do more :)

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  11. Sorry guys; everytime I make a letter pack I go setup that system. So with mame I got massively distracted half-way through - far too many games to play :)

    Daughters birthday this weekend so won't be doing any; however I hope to finish these off weekend after.

    Next time I'll do all letters BEFORE playing the games :)

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  12. Jon, that EXE tag works a treat. I thought it was a legacy thing for HyperLaunch and wouldn't work with RocketLauncher - but it does. This makes things much easier


    Just add one new wheel and it will draw all the settings from your existing system setups - pretty cool.

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