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  1. We're not sure exactly what we're going to do for artwork yet. I know we'll probably wind up hiring one of the talented HyperSpin members to create it for us when the time comes
  2. Thanks for the input everyone. Now that the warmer weather is upon us I think it's time to get back to work on this beast. We'll post some updates as soon as we have some available
  3. Winter sucks. I know there haven't been any updates on our project in a while. There is no heat out in Zac's garage and it's been too cold out to work on this thing. We're probably getting together this weekend to work on putting up some insulation in the garage. After the insulation's up, the next investment might be a woodstove... or some other type of heater Currently our arcade has some old parts in it. It's got an older Asus motherboard, a Socket 478 P4 3gHz processor, and 3GB of Mushkin BlueLine RAM... I've been eye-balling some new parts to replace the rather dated ones we currently have. Here's what I was looking at: Motherboard: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131716 RAM: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820226092 CPU: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115078 What are you guys running for an Intel processor? Is the Core i3 more than I need? Would a Sandy Bridge dual core Pentium run HyperSpin and the emulators just as well? I'm sure there is somewhat of a performance difference, I was just wondering if I'd just be better off spending the extra cash for the i3 or saving the $40 - $50 and going with something like this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116398 Let us know what you think. Thanks! -Ray
  4. Thanks! We're not putting a keyboard on the cabinet. We have windows setup to allow us remote access via a wireless network using UltraVNC and/or RDP.
  5. Ordered some T-molding today http://www.twistedquarter.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=14&products_id=154
  6. Zac and I did some work on our HS cab over the weekend. It all started out great, but we had a setback or two... First we started by finishing the reflective surface for the marquee LED lights: Then we decided to take a trip to home depot and get some plexiglas for the top of our control panel and our marquee. We started sizing it up and getting ready to cut it (using a scoring tool) ** Make sure you wear some gloves if you're going to try snapping plexi by hand after scoring it. Zac cut is finger pretty good during this process. If it were real glass, we probably would have been taking a trip to the ER to have his thumb sewn back on. ** Everything was going great... ....until this happened We were drilling holes through the plexi and into the control panel when the drill bit pulled up on the plexi and snapped the corner off... We think this happened because we tried drilling a smaller hole first, then used a larger bit after... We drilled all of the other holes needed, even though our control panel top was ruined, using just the larger drill bit and had no issues with the other holes. Luckily the piece of plexi we purchased was large enough to have a leftover piece big enough for us to do this all over again. We're just going to have to buy another smaller piece for making the marquee plexi now. We then moved on to installing the T-Nuts on the bottom of the control panel. The plexi on the top of the control panel is going to be held down by counter sunk philips screws screwed into the T-Nuts through the 3/4 inch control panel wood. Hopefully we'll get another weekend to work on this before Christmas. Our next day working on this will involve us re-cutting a new plexi top for our control panel, test mounting it w/ the screws/t-nuts, and maybe cutting the piece(s) of plexi for the marquee. We'll be sure you keep you updated as the project unfolds!
  7. Zac and I plan on doing some more work this Saturday Stay tuned for updates
  8. Those latches worked out very well. They were perfect for our setup. The control panel is locked down nice and tight with them there as well. No moving around at all. Zac and I were just teasing ourselves by putting in all the buttons and joysticks... I think we are going to use the bottom 3 Player 1 buttons for the trackball MAME games. I know MAME allows you to setup each game's settings individually, so we figured we didn't "need" more buttons specifically for the trackball... anyone have any reasons why this might be an issue? (other than not having mouse buttons, which isn't a problem because we can remote into the machine over our wireless network)
  9. Thanks. I wish it was done But, finding the time, and taking our time has made it a slow project. Slow and steady wins the race, right ? We have been working on this project for a year now... can you believe that? heh, a year has gone by since we started! It'll be sooooo worth it when it's finished though. I'm itching to get the buttons and sticks all hooked up so Zac and I can play it without the keyboard I'm pretty sure this weekend we'll be working on the marquee lights, maybe the plexi for the marquee and/or control panel, and getting some measurements for artwork...
  10. Zac and I plan to do some more work on our cab this Saturday, the 22nd. Stay tuned for updates!
  11. It's getting close to being playable without the keyboard Next we might have to get working on the marquee lights...
  12. Stay tuned for updates Zac and I are planning to work on our Midway Monster this Sunday (10/09/11)
  13. Just wanted to say congrats to my man Zac and his Bride Kim! They got married on Saturday. Have fun on your honeymoon! ^ LOL had to add this one ^
  14. As Zac stated in his update, I originally purchased this USB powered VGA to S-Video adapter for our HS-NES project, but we decided to test it out on the arcade and see if it looked better than coming right from the S-video output on the video card itself. We were surprised at the results. It actually did make the picture look better after some tweaking. We'll see how it works out with other emulators. So far we only tested it in Windows, in HyperSpin, and in Nestopia. -Ray
  15. Lol, most women don't get it, and dont enjoy video games. My wife is one of them. Fortunately she respects the fact that I <3 video games and tolerates my projects even when she thinks they're stupid lol
  16. Zac and I worked on the custom trackball mounting plate yesterday. This is the plastic plate that came with the trackball: This is the aluminum plate we are using for the custom mount: Sizing it up: Had my brother program the hole pattern into the CNC machine and started cutting away After cutting out the hole pattern: We counter drilled the holes for the bolts that hold the trackball so that they are flush with the top of the plate. This is what the plate looks like when mounted to the trackball. This plate will sit down in the large square hole that we cut out in the middle of our control panel. We used small washers and nylon lock nuts on the back side of the trackball. The holes in the trackball were actually a little too small for the bolts we used, so I had to drill the holes out a little bit to compensate. Now we need to drill 6 more button holes in the top of the control panel, get and drill out a piece of plexiglass, build the rest of the control panel box, and wire up buttons Hopefully we'll have some more updates for you all soon!
  17. Thanks! You don't exactly need a CNC milling machine if you have the patience to use a manual milling machine You can achieve all of the same results, but it just might take a little more time and care to make sure you don't move the table incorrectly while cutting
  18. The metal plate still needs to be machine for the trackball to fit through and the bolt holes to mout the trackball assembly. Basically, the trackball is mounting to the metal plate, then being dropped through the square hole. We left a lip for the plate to hang on. Same idea as the joystick mounts. Machining the plate and cutting the P1, P2, Esc, and trackball buttons will be the next task. ( hopefully it won't be 3 months from now lol )
  19. Zac and I actually got to do some work on our arcade today Stay tuned for updates and pictures of what we got done
  20. Lol. I'm glad you all are enjoying our project. Either Zac, or I have been busy every weekend lately, and we haven't been able to get together to work on this thing. I know it's been a while, probably a month or two now, but I'm hoping we can get together and work on this some more next weekend. (shooting for 8/6/11). Believe me, we are just as anxious to get working on this again as you guys are to see some updates.... sorry we've been leaving you all hangin'
  21. Unfortunately the project has been on hold for a while. We are planning on getting back to it very soon. Possibly next weekend.
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