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  1. Here's how the audio components looked after we moved them. No more humming or buzzing after they were moved further from the TV
  2. Well, Zac and I got together to work on the project again today. We mounted the computer power supply, re-positioned the hard drive mount, had to move the audio components further away from the TV (because it was causing a hum), neatly ran and zip tied wires out of the way, tested the Belkin surge protector (works great!), tweaked the video card settings, and cut out and installed the front on the cab (we'll be installing the coin door next time I think). Zac also worked on getting the cab online w/ wireless. I'm sure Zac will be posting pics, maybe a video/pic of me getting distracted by Splatterhouse, and a play by play on our day soon. l8er -Ray
  3. Got the Belkin remote switching surge strip today. It's pretty cool. The battery in the remote is replaceable. It takes a LR23A L1028 12v battery. The remote and the surge protector have 3 dip switches on each to setup different channels if you have multiples of these in your home/office. There is also a mount for the remote that can either be double sided taped on or screwed in. We'll have to figure out where the best place to mount this would be. All in all it's pretty cool. 6 of the outlets are operated via the remote wireless switch, and two of the 8 total outlets are always on.
  4. Just ordered one of these : http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812107174&cm_re=belkin_remote-_-12-107-174-_-Product Belkin Surge protector with a wireless remote On/Off switch. Figured it'd work well for a "one switch to power all" solution We'll probably be doing some wiring this weekend.
  5. Thanks for all the good feedback everyone. I know this is taking a while to put together, but hopefully we'll be able to put more time into it now that the holidays have passed. Everything has been coming together better than I thought it would for a first time build. We'll keep pluggin' away and keeping you all updated on our progress. Thanks again! -Ray
  6. We wired up the speakers yesterday. They sould GREAT! Much better than I anticipated. We also started mounting the computer components. Zac'll probably post the pictures tomorrow.
  7. Here's a side by side image of our W.I.P. Cab and an actual MK-II cab We're not going to go w/ the MK theme though...
  8. We figured if we were going to invest the time and the $$ to put this machine together, we might as well take our time and make sure everything comes out as good as possible Happy Holidays to you and yours as well!
  9. We're going to be using an older Sony TV. 27" of old school right here
  10. Definitely going to have to test it on some scrap first. We'll have to make sure we get the bit centered. Gotta order the T molding before we cut the slot so we can have it on hand to make sure the slot gets centered correctly.
  11. 3/32 slot cutter for T molding ordered on eBay: http://compare.ebay.com/like/280563890017?ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&var=sbar&rvr_id=155974865240&crlp=1_263602_304662&UA=%3F*S%3F&GUID=5e98404a12b0a0645637ab87ff446781&itemid=280563890017&ff4=263602_304662 I found this one other website that was trying to chage almost $50 for one cutter with an arbor. This item on eBay only came to $19 w/ shipping! We'll see if it works out OK.
  12. lol got me w/ my eyes closed on that shot
  13. Thanks! I'm not sure if this website is mentioned anywhere else on the HyperSpin website or Forums, but we found the blueprints for this cab on www.jakobud.com That website has a pretty big collection of blueprints for different style cabinets. If it is, great, I may not have noticed 'cause I'm a n00b to this site lol
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