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  1. As far as I know all emulators right now run on single core performance and the single core performance of the G3258 is rated higher than the A8 5500.

    You are correct.


    The G3258 destroys the 5500 in single thread performance. In fact, it even beats the 9590 by over 400 points. That little chip is a beast for this type of application.

  2. I highly recommend that you DON'T get a Seagate Backup Drive Plus.

    God I hate this thing. Slow as hell, shitty UI, no positive feedback that it's even working, lame as hell layered backup system.


    Did I mention it's slow as ****? If I knew where Mr. Seagate lived I'd drive over there and shove it up his ass then light his house on fire.

    That's how bad it sucks.


    and you DEFINITELY don't want a 3TB Seagate drive. The failure rate is near 50% on those pieces of chit.

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