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  1. Game Wheels - Additions Vol.1 - MAME - [Hi Quality]

    Here are some additional wheel files that I have created that are currently not part of the Default MAME wheel packs. The only exception is Knights of Valour 2, which I have replaced with a better version (the one in the Default Wheel Pack is very blurry)
    Most of these are pulled from Flyers or Marquees, but on some of them I had to resort to capturing their Title Screens.
    All were cleaned up and edited in Photoshop to look their best.
    I hope everyone likes!


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  2. Return of the Jedi

    This is an update to scrapple's theme that contained hand drawn artwork. I liked the idea behind the theme but wanted something more 'authentic'.
    It's almost an exact replica of his original work, except I replaced the hand drawn artwork with authentic images from the film.
    I hope everyone likes it. Please feel free to comment.
    And many thanks to scrapple for his original theme!


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  3. Crush Roller

    Here is my very first upload. Crush Roller is the original game Make Trax is a clone of. I remember playing this one rather than Make Trax, (somehow my local arcade got that version) so I figured I would make a theme.
    Special thanks to bodydump for his original Make Trax version, I merely modified it using original Crush Roller artwork.
    Hope everyone likes!


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