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  1. There is a little activity going on in the linux (and windows, and, osx) world. Heres a couple early developmental videos being worked on by yours truely. Im calling it puddle-fe.

    All of this is funning on a old 1.6GHz samsung Netbook (single core).

    All videos are to only show proof of concept. It is not showcasing the final product. It is just showing a few things that the fe is capable of.

    Puddle-fe Development - HyperSpin Wheel:

    Puddle-fe Development - Animations:

    Puddle-fe Development - Maximus layout example:

    Puddle-fe Development - Launching Games:

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  2. Going to miss you and am sorry to hear about what is going on. If you ever want to hit up an unrelated project together in the future, let me know ;).

    Keep in touch.

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  3. What kind of things are on your BOM? What kind of processor are you using? Will the firmware be open source to make any additions or enhancements to the existing firmware? (I am not asking from a reselling standpoint or anything, I am an embedded software engineer at my "real job" )

    This looks sweet! It really has the potential to be a competitor in the hobby MAME market.

    It is possibly even kickstarter worthy.

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  4. It's a little outside your price range (I think it equates to 60 pounds) ; it's a great entry level router.


    This was the first router I bought and I still love it! The router has now become my most frequently used tool. It can be used for so many applications.... I cannot imagine living without it!

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  5. If mounted horizontally you will always notice the borders to a little extent. Try taking some cardboard and rest 2 pieces along each side. Play with it for a couple days and see if it doesn't bother you too much.

    Another thing to consider is to mount your monitor vertically (like mentioned above). I did this to my Bartop and don't regret doing it. It is really nice playing vertical shoot em ups and pinball on the beast!

    Since you have not purchased your monitor yet, that might be difficult. What kind of games do you plan on playing? That might help you hone in on a 4:3 or a 16:9 screen.

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  6. A tear just rolled down my eye... There's a tear in my beer, and I am crying for my dear, you, are on my lonesome mind...

    Well done sir - - That a play off of hank?

    Thanks for the laughs. Btw, you would make the best classic country karaoke singer ever!

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  7. I prefer the Suzo HAPP competition stick and the GGG SmoothStick from groovygamegear.com. I like the sensitivity of these sticks as I am a street fighter fan. I have also the Ultimarc u360 analog stick from ultimarc.com for games that uses analog controls, but I am looking where I can buy the Perfect 360 joystick from Suzo HAPP as this is in my opinion the farmost precise joystick out there. Anyone a suggestion besides from the Suzo HAPP site itself? Because I don't have a creditcard and they don't accept paypal.

    Thanks in advanced ;-)

    +1 on the happy competition joystick. I love it.

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  8. Are they LEDs for your pushbuttons? If so, just grab yourself a LED wiring harness from paradisearcadeshop:


    Hook them up into a molex connector so you can just use your computer's power supply. You can find those 4 pin molex connectors for dirt cheap (or cut an existing one).

    Keep in mind that you might also need resistors for your LEDs. You might want to ask the vendor where you bought your LEDs from to ensure they already have resistors.

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  9. I love the tasty pic. It reminds me of the type of art you would see on an early 90s scratch and sniff sticker.

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  10. You're not alone. For me it has evolved more about the nostalgia of collecting the games I used to have rather than actually playing them. It's a fun addiction/hobby ;)

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