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Joystick "Blind Hole" Mounting kits

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good day gents!


I have a few questions i was hoping someone might be able to help me with.  I purchased from Ultimarc some  joystick 'blind hole' mounting kits, but on their site i'm not seeing what size pre-drill is recommended for a pilot hole.  Also, i'm not sure how deep i should pre-drill and what drill attachment will ensure it only goes that deep.  thanks in advance for your help!!






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It says in the description either 5mm or 6mm depending on what u ordered, but if that is the size of the hole the screw will fit into then just line it up with a drill bit and eyeball it. You want to use a drill bit that is the same size or slightly larger then the shaft of the insert so that only the threads dig into the wood.

Same goes for how deep to drill the hole, eyeball to see how deep to drill and wrap a piece of tape around the drill bit so you know when to stop so you dont risk going straight through

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That helps I think. I have the 5mm set. I should find some scrap wood first and test it before I go for it on the panel. Are these key holes really that important is a question I've been asking myself lately. If I'm constantly taking the joysticks in and out it would make sense but if it's usually a one and done thing, is it worth the extra effort?

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