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    RetroArch Per "System" settings on there way

    Do you mean during the fade screen retroarch flashes up on screen to early n it flashes from fade to retroarch a few times? If so, turn off full screen in retroarch. Fixed the problem for me

    HyperSpin 1.5.1 Public Release

    Yes please, those look awesome. I'm assuming they would work normally in the artwork4 folder also? And to keep this thread on track, thank you for the quick fix. I have had the internet unplugged from my pc for the past week to avoid the windows update while I waited for this fix

    How to Make Zipped Sega CDs work on Hyperspin

    How are the rom files named inside your zip file? You can try setting skip checks to rom extension to test it, tho mine is set to false and it works for me. Also, my files are not compressed in bin cue format, named the same as the xml database. Also try unzipping a single game, turn off 7z to test and see if it works that way And in HyperHQ there is no need to add the executable path because rocketlauncher is taking care of that part for you, use rom path in HyperHQ so you can filter your roms

    How to Make Zipped Sega CDs work on Hyperspin

    My fusion rom extensions are as follows 7z|zip|sg|sc|gg|sms|gen|32x|md|cue|bin You don't need all of those if you only use it for sega CD but it doesn't hurt to cover the other systems fusion plays. If your roms are cue,bin then add them to the extension list

    How to Make Zipped Sega CDs work on Hyperspin

    Ok, first thing first, fusion emulator, do you have the 3 correct sega CD bios files (1 for each of North America, Europe and Japan)? and in the fusion settings you have set up the paths for those bios files? I don't know if all 3 are required but I have all 3 and it works for me Next, in your rocketlauncher screenshot all your 7z options are set to "use global" so either click "global" on the left hand side system list and confirm that .7z is all set to true, that you have an extract path location and all settings there are correct and test again. Also a final note, some sega CD games require the "PerfectSync" option turned on. You would have to test each game individually to see if it needs to be on or off. For that setting, select sega CD, modules tab, highlight fusion and click edit module settings and then go over to the Rom tab, click the green +, select the game in question and set perfectsync to true and test. As an example Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is a game that requires perfectsync to be set to true. Hope this helps

    How Do I get that Kool Loading Game screen and Voice?

    Open up rocketlauncherui and head over to the settings page and look for the "fade-general" tab. Under fade in section turn it on, the fade in screen is the screen you described. On those fade tabs you will find all settings to customize the look of the fade in screen. Also, depending how old your rocketlauncher install is, you may need to open up your rocketlauncher directory and go to rocketlauncher/media/fade/_default/ and rename the to .mp3 files "7z extracting" to "loading start", and "7z complete" to "loading complete"

    How to Make Zipped Sega CDs work on Hyperspin

    You will need to provide more info to get any help, what emulator are you using? What game? Do the zipped games work with the emulator outside of hyperspin? Assuming you are using rocketlauncher, do you have the settings for zipped roms turned on? When you open the .cue file inside the .zip is it pointing to the .bin file? spelling is correct? Are there any errors that get displayed when launching the game?...... There are hundreds of reasons if not thousands why your game won't launch, but without a better description of the problem it's like trying to find a needle in a haystack

    Recommended PC Games With Simple Gamepad controls?

    Pac man 256 Streets of Rage Remake Donkey Me
  9. I like that PSP main menu theme, do you have a link to it by any chance? And a default theme by any chance?

    Setting up bezels?

    What kind of bezel did you download? A bezel made to use with mame or with rocketlauncher? It doesn't go into the hyperspin media folder it goes into either... A) If it's made for mame you need to leave it zipped and place it inside the mame/artwork folder, then in rocketlauncher set/(name of rom.zip bezel to true and in the mame module settings set it to use mame artwork. If it's from one of the creators here on the forums it's probably meant to be used with rocketlauncher and would need to be unzipped and the files have to be placed in rocketlauncher/media/bezel/mame/(name of rom)/. Then you need to set bezel to true in rocketlauncher and in the module settings for mame, set it to use rocketlauncher bezels

    Is there a Wii U module for RocketLauncher ??

    Yes, there is a module for cemu in rocketlauncher

    epsxe 2.0.5 on Rocketlauncher

    Click on the modules tab, then epsexe module, and hit the "edit global module settings" button. There are settings for GamepadType_Player1 to 4. You can assign each as a dualshock or whichever u prefer, probably best to go with Dualshock as majority of the games are compatible with it. Then you can click on the "Rom Settings" button and for any game that doesn't work with a Dualshock you can click the green + then select the particular game ie. Crash Bandicoot, and under gamepadtype set it to digital or whichever input the game requires. This way rocketlauncher will automatically assign the correct control type for each game without having to press F5 manually (I believe that's the button to turn on/off analogue controls in epsxe) There is a thread in the rocketlauncher forums and someone (slizzap I believe) has put together a database of which games use which control type, but I don't think it's been incorporated into rocketlauncher yet Question, last I tried epsxe 2.05 I had an issue with games running at 1million frames per second, so I switched to retroarch have u noticed any similar issues?
  13. my artwork for ps2 hyperspin is in the right folders= artwork1 and so and on. they work show up when i launch the system. What am i doing wrong.


    hide files that are not needed to display

    Hyperspin will only display what is listed in the database .xml, ie. Mame.xml. Sounds like you used a program to generate an xml straight from your roms folder. You should use one of the databases from the database section in the forums, they include all playable roms excluding the bios files ur trying to omit. Just download it and place it in ur hyperspin/databases/(whatever system) folder

    android on pc

    You can play android games on your pc using bluestacks. As far as I know it's probably the best android emulator, and although it did work with hyperspin and rocketlauncher, according to some threads on the rocketlauncher forums and update to bluestacks awhile ago doesn't work with the bluestacks module anymore, and as far as I have seen the module hasn't been updated to work with the newer version