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  1. Pretty sure there is a setting to start off in your favourites. Im at work and can't check right now, but I'm pretty sure its in the hyperhq settings. Worst case scenario create a new database .xml with only ur favourite games
  2. Before you read this understand this is not bashing hyperspin or its developers, just my personal observations, 100% understand time is precious and there is never enough of it to balance everything in life. I have been using hyperspin for some years now, and have got a lot of help reading thru the forums and found a lot of amazing artwork in my endless tinkering, but I have always sat on the fence about buying premium because of the lack of information and or updates, yes it was updated to fix a problem with the windows 10 update, but to me that is the bare minimum a developer can be doing to convince me and others to upgrade to premium for what is to me the best front end out there, but any future major updates seem like just vapourware. For all the years I've been using hyperspin there have been talks and polls about features, I've even read some of the older threads about the original 2.0 and nothing has ever come about. There was so much traction and hope when avar was around and it looked like it was all coming to a great conclusion, then, for whatever reason behind the scenes avar dissapeared and any mention of updates or features have gone silent for what now, another 2 years? It's almost infuriating as an end user and I can only imagine the frustration for other users who have been around longer then I have. This community, the forums, the artwork and content creators, and the people who created add-ons and tools to assist with our builds is what has kept hyperspin afloat, not the front end itself because hyperspin is what it is and doesn't look like anything will change that, but those same people come and go because of the stagnation and drama that occurs sometimes when things get idle, and without those people hyperspin would surely have died out by now along with any new premium memberships. In my opinion hyperspin is the most gorgeous front end out there, I love all the customisable artwork, animations and whatnot (I hate front ends that look like a wall of text) but a little transparency would go a long way to convincing people like me that if I do purchase premium and support a fantastic front end that it's not just throwing money into a hole hoping something eventually grows out of it. I hope I am wrong and hyperspin does get updated and welcomes contributions from other people with great ideas and programming skills. Sorry about the novel lol
  3. Yes please, those look awesome. I'm assuming they would work normally in the artwork4 folder also? And to keep this thread on track, thank you for the quick fix. I have had the internet unplugged from my pc for the past week to avoid the windows update while I waited for this fix
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Almost complete, missing a handful of box spines
  5. my artwork for ps2 hyperspin is in the right folders= artwork1 and so and on. they work show up when i launch the system. What am i doing wrong.



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