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  1. Commodore Amiga - System Pack (Includes Artwork)

    Can someone please confirm if they have been unable to access these files once parts 1-8 have been downloaded? I downloaded all 8 rar parts twice and each time the archive was broken. Thank you
  2. are the older threads gone forever?

    I think that the old site was much easier to explore. I also used to use the Google + Hyperspin + problem method to find answers which is why I have only made one thread asking for support in my few years of being a member here. I haven't had any luck with using the thread title from a Google search in the hyperspin search bar yet. I think things are a bit cluttered and almost confusing to navigate now which all these highest rated downloads and other things being everywhere. I am a big fan of this site and everything that has been done so I will roll with whatever happens and despite the way I feel about the new changes does not change how much I appreciate the absolutely amazing skill and dedication that has gone into this whole thing.