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  1. Anyone else have issues with ttx games? I had everything working in win7 now with win10 no games will launch.
  2. Could the system be named "Microsoft MSX2 Plus" in Hypersync to solve the issue?
  3. Is this intentional? I was syncing up all my systems and MSX2+ syncs identical themes as MSX2. I have seperate themes in my FTP folder if this needs to be corrected. Im having a lot of fun revisiting this updated tool! Thanks for all the hard work guys. Im actually a little flattered to see it using some of my work as defaults.
  4. Version 20150514


    Fujitsu FM Towns Game Wheels Pack
  5. no worries craig. You have my respect.
  6. just watched one of upchurch's videos because the preview image was my Super Game Boy theme. Damnit craig why do you get all the praise? He's just gushing over all your themes and when he stops on mine all he says is "I guess its ok". I wanna be super internet famous too! What an injustice! I guess no one will accuse me of secretly being upchurch.
  7. I forgot to mention super gameboy. I even did a lot of work on this system in my ftp.
  8. game and watch e-reader satellaview triforce sufami turbo
  9. http://nonmess.retrogames.com/ i think this will answer your question
  10. I don't think you can manipulate your computer with an xbox controller before the os has booted
  11. I'm not sure. Honestly there were just too many compilations to sort through and verify. I think I found a website that listed commercial games and followed that. I'm rooting for you to conquer this system! I say setup the module/roms/database and have others help you with the media. This system is too much to complete alone. skip the spectrum disks.
  12. check my ftp folder there maybe more wheels for you. I think my videos actually made it to the official emumovies videosnap ftp folders
  13. I was too hasty in assuming all the compilation disks were demos or homebrews when originally working on this system. Nice work! are the spectrum compilation disks just ports of spectrum games?
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