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  1. nintendo ds wheels

    Is there any update here? Would you guys mind sharing the wheels you've renamed and completed? I'm looking for as complete of a set as exists and I can find. I would really appreciate it. Thanks, --Jason
  2. HyperBase vs HyperSync

    What about EmuMovies Sync? I know that's a different program, but does HyperSync download everything that EmuMovies Sync does? I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything. Thanks, --J
  3. HyperBase vs HyperSync

    Ok, thanks a bunch for letting me know.
  4. HyperBase vs HyperSync

    Hello, I've been using HyperSync for the last year or so without problems but I keep seeing a message that says it is EOL and I'll have to switch to HyperBase soon. So I started looking into getting HyperBase but in the first post of the beta thread, it is mentioned that the database it syncs to is old and it shouldn't be used with my main HyperSpin setup. Is this still true? Am I missing any content by continuing to use HyperSync instead of HyperBase or should I switch? Confused... Thanks, --J
  5. Launch Pinball FX2 tables individually?

    Thanks, but I finally got it. I had to end up removing ALL spaces, even from the directory. Once I got rid of all spaces, it worked great! I'm using RL to launch still (HyperHQ set up for HyperLaunch) so I can exit easily when done, but it works great now. Thanks, --J
  6. Launch Pinball FX2 tables individually?

    I'm having trouble with this, too. I have cabinet mode enabled through a code I got directly from Zen. I got it to load tables through RL just fine. It loads them directly. But when I load the table through HS, it brings up the menu. I then did as this thread says and tried bypassing RL by setting the parameters above. When I copy/paste the command line preview from HyperHQ it also loads the table directly, just fine. But in HS, when I press enter to load a table, nothing happens. It just won't load at all. If I enable full path to roms, it will load, but again, just loads to the menu. What am I missing here? Thanks, --J
  7. RetroArch small window in HS but loads fine in RL

    Once I see the small window after launching through HS, if I click the middle box at the top right corner to make it full screen, it still isn't right, but it's big enough to see things. I checked the video settings and the custom viewport settings were there. They were passed on and set up, but the window is still too small. Setting full screen doesn't fix it, it only makes the window full screen but black and I don't see the game anywhere on the screen. I'm desperate here because I have people coming over to play/test for the first time (been setting this all up since January) in less than 7 hours! Ugh!
  8. RetroArch small window in HS but loads fine in RL

    Even if I turn bezels off, it's still just in a very tiny window in the top left corner of the screen instead of being the right size, so it doesn't have anything to do with bezels. It's so weird, because if I launch through RL it's fine! I'm using the latest version of RetroArch, RL, and HS.
  9. I'm having an odd problem. I've spent hours setting up custom viewport settings in RL to get my RetroArch systems (99% of them use RetroArch) looking just right and fitting in the window with bezels but when I load a game through HS, the window is very tiny and in the top left corner of the screen. It should be full screen fitting in between the bezels perfectly, just like when I launch through RL but it isn't. It's as if the RL custom viewport settings aren't taking effect or being passed through or something. I don't know if that's it, but again, everything looks perfect when I launch through RL. I have a beta test for my new arcade cabinet scheduled today and have people coming over to play and right now it's totally unplayable because 25 or so out of my 30 or so systems use RetroArch! I'd really appreciate some help on this one. I'm stumped! Thanks, --J
  10. HyperSpin hanging when exiting game

    I've now noticed when I turn fade off, it no longer hangs. The problem has to do with fade. I don't know why that would cause it, though??
  11. HyperSpin hanging when exiting game

    I've just noticed it's actually hanging all over the place...Not only when I exit a game, but sometimes when I start a game it doesn't come into focus and HyperSpin stays on the now loading screen...It's just hanging everywhere. Where should I look?
  12. About 50% of the time, when I exit a game, HyperSpin hangs. I have to open taskmanager to kill it. I don't know what's causing it and why it only does it half the time but would appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thanks, --J
  13. Letters not showing when skipping right/left

    I'll check this out right away... Thanks!
  14. Letters not showing when skipping right/left

    I have my mame.xml indexed. Here's an example. <game name="ad2083" index="true" image="A"> I have indexes set to on in HyperHQ as well. I don't know what else it could be... Thanks, --J
  15. I have my setup nearly complete and am happy overall, but I can't seem to figure this one out. No matter which system I select, when I skip left/right, by letter, the letters don't actually show up. It skips by letter just fine, it's just that the letters don't show. I have the letters in the ...images/letters sub-folder. Is this correct? What am I missing? Thanks, --J