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  1. Unfortunately, this is still a problem for me, too. But only with certain tables.
  2. Awesome! Please post here when they're ready. Thanks!
  3. Nevermind...Just required more reading...For others, the tip is actually below the body of the guide, all the way at the bottom after it talks about Mame setup. Working great now!
  4. I'm having the EXACT same problem as the original poster, and I, too, don't understand the hint about profile 1 not being configured correctly. J2K is being launched by the startup script and is running, but the default profile is being loaded instead of the HyperSpin profile. If I go to RL and click edit on the HS profile, then it will work just fine because the HS profile is then opened in a J2K window. But I can't get it to load automatically. I, too, have followed the guide and don't see where I'm going wrong here... Thanks for any help you can offer, --J
  5. Ok, sorry. Will move discussion to that thread.
  6. I've got to be able to find that version with No Nag "and" hi score support, too, right?
  7. I am. Hopefully I can find that exact version. If not, I guess that means I have to download all new roms?
  8. So my rom set is 182? That means I need a Mame 182 or an Arcade64 182, right?
  9. I borrowed some "hi" files from a friend just to see if I could get it to work, and it's not displaying high scores in HyperSpin or using those "hi" files in Mameuifx and displaying high scores there, either. For instance, I have a "HI" file for 1942, but when I load 1942 it says the high score is 20000, the default, and doesn't even read the hi file. ??
  10. I have a UI.ini and a Mame.ini in the INI's directory. Here is my Mame.ini file: # # CORE CONFIGURATION OPTIONS # readconfig 1 writeconfig 0 # # CORE SEARCH PATH OPTIONS # rompath "E:\ROMS\MAME 0.182 ROMs (split)" hashpath hash samplepath samples artpath artwork ctrlrpath ctrlr inipath ini fontpath . cheatpath cheat crosshairpath crosshair pluginspath plugins languagepath language highpath dats # # CORE OUTPUT DIRECTORY OPTIONS # cfg_directory cfg nvram_directory nvram input_directory inp state_directory sta snapshot_directory snap diff_directory diff comment_directory comments hiscore_directory hi video_directory video # # CORE STATE/PLAYBACK OPTIONS # state autosave 0 playback record record_timecode 0 exit_after_playback 0 mngwrite aviwrite wavwrite snapname %g/%i snapsize auto snapview internal snapbilinear 1 statename %g burnin 0 # # CORE PERFORMANCE OPTIONS # autoframeskip 0 frameskip 0 seconds_to_run 0 throttle 1 syncrefresh 0 sleep 0 speed 1.0 refreshspeed 0 # # CORE ROTATION OPTIONS # rotate 1 ror 0 rol 0 autoror 0 autorol 0 flipx 0 flipy 0 # # CORE ARTWORK OPTIONS # artwork_crop 0 use_backdrops 1 use_overlays 1 use_bezels 1 use_cpanels 1 use_marquees 1 # # CORE SCREEN OPTIONS # brightness 1.0 contrast 1.0 gamma 1.0 pause_brightness 0.65 effect none widestretch 0 # # CORE VECTOR OPTIONS # antialias 1 beam_width_min 1.0 beam_width_max 1.0 beam_intensity_weight 0 flicker 0 # # CORE SOUND OPTIONS # samplerate 48000 samples 1 volume 0 # # CORE INPUT OPTIONS # coin_lockout 1 ctrlr ArcadeGuns mouse 1 joystick 1 lightgun 1 multikeyboard 0 multimouse 1 steadykey 0 ui_active 0 offscreen_reload 1 joystick_map auto joystick_deadzone 0 joystick_saturation 0.85 natural 0 joystick_contradictory 0 coin_impulse 0 # # CORE INPUT AUTOMATIC ENABLE OPTIONS # paddle_device keyboard adstick_device keyboard pedal_device keyboard dial_device mouse trackball_device mouse lightgun_device lightgun positional_device keyboard mouse_device mouse # # CORE DEBUGGING OPTIONS # verbose 0 log 0 oslog 0 debug 0 update_in_pause 0 debugscript # # CORE COMM OPTIONS # comm_localhost comm_localport 15112 comm_remotehost comm_remoteport 15112 # # CORE MISC OPTIONS # drc 1 drc_use_c 0 drc_log_uml 0 drc_log_native 0 bios cheat 0 skip_gameinfo 1 uifont default ui cabinet ramsize confirm_quit 0 ui_mouse 1 autoboot_command autoboot_delay 2 autoboot_script hiscore 1 console 0 language English # # OSD KEYBOARD MAPPING OPTIONS # uimodekey SCRLOCK # # OSD FONT OPTIONS # uifontprovider auto # # OSD DEBUGGING OPTIONS # debugger auto debugger_font auto debugger_font_size 0 watchdog 0 # # OSD PERFORMANCE OPTIONS # multithreading 0 numprocessors auto bench 0 # # OSD VIDEO OPTIONS # video opengl numscreens 1 window 1 maximize 1 keepaspect 1 unevenstretch 1 waitvsync 0 # # OSD PER-WINDOW VIDEO OPTIONS # screen auto aspect auto resolution auto view auto screen0 auto aspect0 auto resolution0 auto view0 auto screen1 auto aspect1 auto resolution1 auto view1 auto screen2 auto aspect2 auto resolution2 auto view2 auto screen3 auto aspect3 auto resolution3 auto view3 auto # # OSD FULL SCREEN OPTIONS # switchres 0 # # OSD ACCELERATED VIDEO OPTIONS # filter 1 prescale 1 # # OpenGL-SPECIFIC OPTIONS # glslpath glsl gl_forcepow2texture 0 gl_notexturerect 0 gl_vbo 1 gl_pbo 1 gl_glsl 0 gl_glsl_filter 1 gl_glsl_sync 0 glsl_shader_mame0 none glsl_shader_mame1 none glsl_shader_mame2 none glsl_shader_mame3 none glsl_shader_mame4 none glsl_shader_mame5 none glsl_shader_mame6 none glsl_shader_mame7 none glsl_shader_mame8 none glsl_shader_mame9 none glsl_shader_screen0 none glsl_shader_screen1 none glsl_shader_screen2 none glsl_shader_screen3 none glsl_shader_screen4 none glsl_shader_screen5 none glsl_shader_screen6 none glsl_shader_screen7 none glsl_shader_screen8 none glsl_shader_screen9 none # # OSD SOUND OPTIONS # sound auto audio_latency 2 # # WINDOWS PERFORMANCE OPTIONS # priority 0 profile 0 # # WINDOWS VIDEO OPTIONS # menu 0 # # DIRECTDRAW-SPECIFIC OPTIONS # hwstretch 1 # # DIRECT3D POST-PROCESSING OPTIONS # hlsl_enable 0 hlslpath hlsl hlsl_prescale_x 0 hlsl_prescale_y 0 hlsl_write hlsl_snap_width 2048 hlsl_snap_height 1536 shadow_mask_tile_mode 0 shadow_mask_alpha 0.0 shadow_mask_texture shadow-mask.png shadow_mask_x_count 6 shadow_mask_y_count 4 shadow_mask_usize 0.1875 shadow_mask_vsize 0.25 shadow_mask_uoffset 0.0 shadow_mask_voffset 0.0 curvature 0.0 round_corner 0.0 smooth_border 0.0 reflection 0.0 vignetting 0.0 scanline_alpha 0.0 scanline_size 1.0 scanline_height 1.0 scanline_bright_scale 1.0 scanline_bright_offset 0.0 scanline_jitter 0.0 hum_bar_alpha 0.0 defocus 1.0,0.0 converge_x 0.25,0.00,-0.25 converge_y 0.0,0.25,-0.25 radial_converge_x 0.0,0.0,0.0 radial_converge_y 0.0,0.0,0.0 red_ratio 1.0,0.0,0.0 grn_ratio 0.0,1.0,0.0 blu_ratio 0.0,0.0,1.0 saturation 1.4 offset 0.0,0.0,0.0 scale 0.95,0.95,0.95 power 0.8,0.8,0.8 floor 0.05,0.05,0.05 phosphor_life 0.4,0.4,0.4 # # NTSC POST-PROCESSING OPTIONS # yiq_enable 0 yiq_jitter 0.0 yiq_cc 3.57954545 yiq_a 0.5 yiq_b 0.5 yiq_o 0.0 yiq_p 1.0 yiq_n 1.0 yiq_y 6.0 yiq_i 1.2 yiq_q 0.6 yiq_scan_time 52.6 yiq_phase_count 2 # # VECTOR POST-PROCESSING OPTIONS # vector_length_scale 0.5 vector_length_ratio 500.0 # # BLOOM POST-PROCESSING OPTIONS # bloom_blend_mode 0 bloom_scale 0.25 bloom_overdrive 1.0,1.0,1.0 bloom_lvl0_weight 1.0 bloom_lvl1_weight 0.64 bloom_lvl2_weight 0.32 bloom_lvl3_weight 0.16 bloom_lvl4_weight 0.08 bloom_lvl5_weight 0.04 bloom_lvl6_weight 0.04 bloom_lvl7_weight 0.02 bloom_lvl8_weight 0.02 bloom_lvl9_weight 0.01 bloom_lvl10_weight 0.01 # # FULL SCREEN OPTIONS # triplebuffer 0 full_screen_brightness 1.0 full_screen_contrast 1.0 full_screen_gamma 1.0 # # INPUT DEVICE OPTIONS # global_inputs 0 dual_lightgun 0 joystick_id_1 0 joystick_id_2 1 joystick_id_3 2 joystick_id_4 3 joystick_id_5 4 joystick_id_6 5 joystick_id_7 6 joystick_id_8 7 # # OTHER OPTIONS # output windows mouseprovider rawinput lightgunprovider rawinput joystickprovider dinput keyboardprovider auto And here is my UI.ini file: # # UI SEARCH PATH OPTIONS # historypath dats extrainipath folders cabinets_directory cabinets;cabdevs cpanels_directory cpanel pcbs_directory pcb flyers_directory flyers titles_directory titles ends_directory ends marquees_directory marquees artwork_preview_directory "artwork preview" bosses_directory bosses logos_directory logo scores_directory scores versus_directory versus gameover_directory gameover howto_directory howto select_directory select icons_directory icons ui_path ui # # UI MISC OPTIONS # dats_enabled 1 remember_last 1 enlarge_snaps 1 forced4x3 1 use_background 1 skip_biosmenu 0 skip_partsmenu 0 last_used_filter last_used_machine info_audit_enabled 0 # # UI OPTIONS # infos_text_size 0.75 font_rows 30 hide_main_panel 0 ui_border_color ffffffff ui_bg_color ef101030 ui_clone_color ff808080 ui_dipsw_color ffffff00 ui_gfxviewer_color ef101030 ui_mousedown_bg_color b0606000 ui_mousedown_color ffffff80 ui_mouseover_bg_color 70404000 ui_mouseover_color ffffff80 ui_selected_bg_color ef808000 ui_selected_color ffffff00 ui_slider_color ffffffff ui_subitem_color ffffffff ui_text_bg_color ef000000 ui_text_color ffffffff ui_unavail_color ff404040 Thanks, --J
  11. My exit emulator key has always been set to ESC. If it isn't set, I can't exit emulators at all. I tried removing the key and I literally cannot exit at all, so I'm surprised you can without it.
  12. I have the path to the exe file for Mame set in HyperHQ, btw.
  13. Yes I did follow the guide and I cannot get past number 6. It states sometimes launching through RL won't allow the hi scores to be saved, but it doesn't say what to do to fix that. That's the problem I'm having.
  14. Hmmm.. I honestly don't know. I don't think it will have anything to do, with only one wheel. It's really meant to create "sections" for multiple wheels. But I don't see why you can't have just one wheel. I honestly just don't know for sure. Someone else will hopefully chime in.
  15. Yes, I have. It's just a checkmark in the settings in Mameuifx64 and I've double checked.
  16. I'm having a problem getting Mame to save hi files. I'm trying to get HiToText working, but have failed miserably. I'm using the latest version of Mameuifx64. I had a friend give me copies of his .hi files just to see if they would show/load and they do not, whether launching directly from Mameuifx or RocketLauncher. I got a high score in Galaga, entered my initials, and then exited out of the program (launched via RL) by pressing esc which is my exit emulator key. The hi file wasn't created and the next time I loaded Galaga my score wasn't displayed, just the default scores. So I can't test and don't know if it is working because I can't get Mame launched via RL to save high scores. What can I do about this? Also, not in this guide, but in other instructions, I see where I need to edit hyperlaunch.ahk, for some exit wait command or something like that, but I don't have that file in my setup. Is this something I no longer need to do? Thanks, --Jason
  17. I found this file, but in one of the first posts a similar setup for Model 2 is mentioned and I can't find it. Does anyone still have it and could you share? I searched the downloads and didn't see it. Thanks!
  18. MainMenuChanger is pretty awesome, actually. I'm really glad I installed it. I think you'll like it a lot.
  19. What do you mean you can't skip through the wheel a-z? I can still skip forward/backward and hold down the arrow to choose by letter. Is this what you mean? That functionality shouldn't have changed by removing what we removed.
  20. That worked like a charm. Thanks! As for merging two wheels, I'm not familiar with anything that does that. If you remember, let me know. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  21. How do you remove an entry? I want to try what you suggested because I don't use those two keys anyway. Right now they're populated with "u" and "v" respectively, but I tried pressing delete and backspace and it just saves those keys as the new hotkeys. How do I remove them completely to make the entries blank?
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