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  1. Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    Hey I got this to work with some help from the Rocket Launcher folks ... its actually quite simple ... i was over complicating things. If anyone is looking to getting Pinball FX3 with Steam support up and running - here is the thread. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?5036-Pinball-fx3-module-request Is there anywhere i can get wheel art Pinball FX3 for the hyperspin wheel?
  2. Pinball FX3 and Steam

    Sorry about the multiple posts ...
  3. Pinball FX3 and Steam

  4. Pinball FX3 and Steam

    Was out of commission for a few days here ... I never used FX2 - I just started my Pinball collection a few days ago, to add to my Hyperspin Wheel. By the way, Pinball is INSANE! I set up Steam, and PinballX with Pinball FX3 - StarWars and Marvel Pack Tables. Everything works perfectly outside of Hyperspin with PinballX and as a stand alone - ... but i want to use Pinball FX3 with HyperSpin, because HS houses all my other emulators. I have the key for cabinet mode - In PinballX it works fine - launches right to the table. Here is a vid if you want to check it out - any help is greatly appreciated. https://youtu.be/Dw6-zF8vKn0 and these are the errors
  5. Pinball FX3 and Steam

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are enjoying your weekend! Anyone make any progress with this error?
  6. Quick tutorial for setting up Pinball Arcade

    HI - Thank you for the detailed tutorial. I ran through it. Everything seems to installed correctly. I have not errors or exclamation points anywhere but when i launch Pinball Arcade under the module tab I get this error: Emulator is configured as a virtual emulator and therefore it cannot be launched. The crazy part is i just had this working! Well, i had pinball machine load up through RL. Then when i started to get the Hyperspin part working i got a lot of different errors. So like a dope, i deleted to try again ... since then, im stuck here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im new to this pinball stuff BUT MAN is this insane!!!! this is ridiculous eye candy in the living room! Many thanks in advance - going to keep trying here ....
  7. Launching from SPMC/Kodi

    I am ok with setting up a premium registration - I see platinum and bronze? is there a section that tells me what services each gets you?
  8. Launching from SPMC/Kodi

    thanks for all the help - I got 3 emulators working perfectly and now its just a matter of repeating for all .. i get it now ... wicked program really! this is amazing Mind if i ask ? How do i get this look? I found this on Simply Austin's youtube site but cant figure out where to get the artwork for this type of look. The wheel is not curved and the art work is "boxed" up with nice black backgrounds I really like that ... is this some kind of hyperspin skin?
  9. Launching from SPMC/Kodi

    Many thanks guys sorry for the new bee questions great stuff
  10. Launching from SPMC/Kodi

    Thanks! may I ask one last question? Not launcher related. how does hyperspin scan for the libraries? it has hundreds of games per emulator but I do t have all those roms. hiw do I sync the database to what I actually have? many thanks in advance
  11. Launching from SPMC/Kodi

    Thanks again - What version of Advance Launcher are you using? anywhere i can access that version? mine seems to keep saying plugin is disabled.
  12. Launching from SPMC/Kodi

    Hi - Thanks for the reply - I too was trying to get Kodi to launch hyperspin in the way you described it. Having Kodi as the main program and then having a menu item called hyperspin - then using some script to launch hyperspin, put kodi in the background - then when exit hyperspin kodi is back in the main focus. Advanced launcher use to be what i used but now when i use it - every time i go back into kodi it tells me that it is disabled. then i have to re-enable it etc ... not ideal. What is the standard way of using hyperspin through Kodi? or ... i guess i should say --- is there a standard way to use hyperspin with kodi. while i have ya ... ever see this video? how does he get this type of vertical "non-wheel" type look? is that a version of hyperspin or something? I like this view
  13. Launching from SPMC/Kodi

    Any updates?
  14. dugan26