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  1. Hey I got this to work with some help from the Rocket Launcher folks ... its actually quite simple ... i was over complicating things. If anyone is looking to getting Pinball FX3 with Steam support up and running - here is the thread. http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/showthread.php?5036-Pinball-fx3-module-request Is there anywhere i can get wheel art Pinball FX3 for the hyperspin wheel?
  2. HI - Thank you for the detailed tutorial. I ran through it. Everything seems to installed correctly. I have not errors or exclamation points anywhere but when i launch Pinball Arcade under the module tab I get this error: Emulator is configured as a virtual emulator and therefore it cannot be launched. The crazy part is i just had this working! Well, i had pinball machine load up through RL. Then when i started to get the Hyperspin part working i got a lot of different errors. So like a dope, i deleted to try again ... since then, im stuck here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Im new to this pinball stuff BUT MAN is this insane!!!! this is ridiculous eye candy in the living room! Many thanks in advance - going to keep trying here ....
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