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  1. Exit Sound Sound Playing 3 Times

    any updates on how to fix this, i am having the same issue. thx
  2. anybody was able to resolve the exit click sound being played 3 times instead of just once when you exit back to hyperpin
  3. Direct Output framework Question

    thank you, appreciate your feedback. would it work for the VP tables without B2S backglass?
  4. Came back after being away for a couple of years, trying to see if it is worth it to upgrade to Direct Output framework from the original Ledwiz setup. Could someone comment if they see an improvement with stuttering, etc after this upgrade. If this is not the right place, please direct me to the correct forum. Thank you.
  5. LedWiz default configuration

    Guys, I am reconfiguring my setup and trying to come up with the best combination of outputs. Checked several config files, looks like W channel of RGBW is barely used anymore. All strobe effects are mapped to strobe output and R+G+B is used for W. Is it OK to ditch W channels, this would free up 5 outputs on my LEDWIZ. Thanks.
  6. LED-wiz alternative ?

    I must have missed it somehow in the thread, but I don't understand how Arduino board interacts with VP. It is clear that Arduino board drives Pixelmagic's board which is using transistors to turn thing on and off instead of mechanical relays. This is just high / low output in the Arduino that drives transistors, no software needed. But what about the interface from VP to Adruino. Is it part of the magic in the vbs file? Would we be able to use ini files that were previously used for the ledwiz?
  7. Guys, I am upgrading my setup from 3-flasher to 5-flasher. I am happy with using W of the RGBW for my strobe effect, but want to make sure my setup is compatible with the rest. When you are creating ini for new ROMs how you handle strobe effects? It has to be either W or Stroboscope, can't see it is being assigned to both. Thanks.
  8. Chris, Good to see you are at it again, first one was an inspiration for my build. Where did you order "an IKEA style" cabinet? Looks pretty good with mitered corners, or did you make it yourself? regards
  9. how does the high score functionality works? is it for VP or FP only? thanks guys
  10. LedWiz default configuration

    So for those of us with 3 LEDs is there a plan to have a conversion tool from 5-LED config to 3-LED config? Choosing L, R, C from 5-LED config only goes so far... thanks
  11. Blur, everything works as a charm, huge thank you for this update
  12. that explains it, thank you
  13. Yes, my vp911tables.txt looks like this: Roadshow_VP911_1.0FS vpinball912.exe and it works just fine when I was trying vp908tables.txt with TOTAN_VP9_3.0FS vpinball908.exe i'll play with it some more to see if it is only a problem with the RS
  14. Gave it a try last night. Fplaunch works well for me, no task bar or any other undesired behavior. Did not play long enough to see if my "pause" issue still there. Tested big boss functionality. Had no issues launching certain tables with vp908, while my vpinball.exe was 9.12. After that I decided to keep 9.08 as my base vpinball.exe and have only certain tables load with 9.12 since there is only a handful of new tables available. That is when I got into troubles. I only tried it with the roadshow, but it would not load just stays on rendering table screen. Did not try other tables, planning to do it today. Great performance overall, thank you for this great update.
  15. many thanks, will give it a try and report back:congrats: