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  1. anybody was able to resolve the exit click sound being played 3 times instead of just once when you exit back to hyperpin
  2. I must have missed it somehow in the thread, but I don't understand how Arduino board interacts with VP. It is clear that Arduino board drives Pixelmagic's board which is using transistors to turn thing on and off instead of mechanical relays. This is just high / low output in the Arduino that drives transistors, no software needed. But what about the interface from VP to Adruino. Is it part of the magic in the vbs file? Would we be able to use ini files that were previously used for the ledwiz?
  3. how does the high score functionality works? is it for VP or FP only? thanks guys
  4. Blur, everything works as a charm, huge thank you for this update
  5. Yes, my vp911tables.txt looks like this: Roadshow_VP911_1.0FS vpinball912.exe and it works just fine when I was trying vp908tables.txt with TOTAN_VP9_3.0FS vpinball908.exe i'll play with it some more to see if it is only a problem with the RS
  6. Gave it a try last night. Fplaunch works well for me, no task bar or any other undesired behavior. Did not play long enough to see if my "pause" issue still there. Tested big boss functionality. Had no issues launching certain tables with vp908, while my vpinball.exe was 9.12. After that I decided to keep 9.08 as my base vpinball.exe and have only certain tables load with 9.12 since there is only a handful of new tables available. That is when I got into troubles. I only tried it with the roadshow, but it would not load just stays on rendering table screen. Did not try other tables, planning to do it today. Great performance overall, thank you for this great update.
  7. many thanks, will give it a try and report back:congrats:
  8. I like the simple version, then again I am happy with the way it is now. Holding my breath for big boss' functionality. Thanks Blur for keeping on it.
  9. Blur, timing is totally random, was playing CV yesterday for quite some time before Pause popped up. Only happens once in a blue man, very hard to nail it down. I'll keep an eye on it.
  10. was playing new CV yesterday and pause did not pop up for a while, so it is not necessarily happening at the beginning of the game
  11. The only thing I noticed is blue pause while in VP. Doubt this is caused by accidental button push. It usually happens once at the beginning of the game. After I clear it by pressing esc it does not pop up any more. This is not happening every time either, tough to point out why.
  12. For some reason every now and then I get "pause" in the middle of the game. Anybody else noticed it?
  13. what is the volume setting? not sure if I am aware of it.
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