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  1. Does Hypespin have to be installed off root?

    Just want to make sure I understand what you are asking me about forum rules. Are you saying to only ask one question in a topic, or as you worded it and I initially understood it, "only create on thread per question"? As in don't ask the same question in multiple places on the forum. Not sure if you were just giving me a heads up since you may have seen that was my first post on the forums, or if you thought I posted this question somewhere else. BTW, I love gigapig and Qbert
  2. I am trying to configure a retroarch -> rocketlauncher -> hyperspin setup. I will use RA for most of my emulation, but might want a different MAME version and use that outside of retroarch (so 2 or 3 emulators other than RA). I was thinking to keep them all separate and just point to the files. Is that acceptable? Ideally I would want something like this: c:\arcade |__\Hyperspin |__\Rocketlauncher |__\Retroarch |__\roms |__\Arcade |__\snes I'm still fleshing it out. Can I do this? I also would like to share roms so that I could have retroarch use them, but use another emulator outside RA that isn't libretro to use them too.
  3. FlightRisk