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  1. I am confused first as to if this is configured in RocketLauncher or Hyperspin. I am trying to find out if there is a key I can hit to popup instruction cards for a game and/or a visual picture of the control panel layout per game. I am not talking about a static bezel with instructions on the sides, I want a popup. I have been reading there seems to be a way to do this with Hyperpause? There is also CPWizBiz? But that seems like a major undertaking and yet another piece of software that has to be implemented. And that doesn't seem to integreate into Hyperspin, though the 3d images of the controllers is top notch. Basically, I want what GameEx has, but in Hyperspin I am having trouble finding a tutorial on how to install and then view all this extra information.
  2. Just want to make sure I understand what you are asking me about forum rules. Are you saying to only ask one question in a topic, or as you worded it and I initially understood it, "only create on thread per question"? As in don't ask the same question in multiple places on the forum. Not sure if you were just giving me a heads up since you may have seen that was my first post on the forums, or if you thought I posted this question somewhere else. BTW, I love gigapig and Qbert
  3. I am trying to configure a retroarch -> rocketlauncher -> hyperspin setup. I will use RA for most of my emulation, but might want a different MAME version and use that outside of retroarch (so 2 or 3 emulators other than RA). I was thinking to keep them all separate and just point to the files. Is that acceptable? Ideally I would want something like this: c:\arcade |__\Hyperspin |__\Rocketlauncher |__\Retroarch |__\roms |__\Arcade |__\snes I'm still fleshing it out. Can I do this? I also would like to share roms so that I could have retroarch use them, but use another emulator outside RA that isn't libretro to use them too.
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