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  1. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Both attached. Sega RingEdge.xml Sega RingWide.xml
  2. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    One other quick request system wise; would it be possible to add Sega RingWide and Sega RingEdge, now that they are starting to be emulated? There might not be much if any artwork, though I know THK had started working on themes a little bit ago.
  3. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Hey Frost, a couple small requests/feedback: 1. After the most recent update, it seems HBL modifies your Main Menu XML in HS based on each system you add, which is cool but I didn't realize it was doing this at first. What I've noticed though is that it is reordering some of my systems in a way besides alphabetical, which is what I had previously. Is there a way to modify this in HBL, like change the order or have a setting for automatic alphabetical listing of systems? They seem to be listed right in HBL, just not in the XML. In the same vein, is there any possibility of turning this feature off if the user didn't want it? I have XML export set to off, but it still does this. 2. Is there a way to add the ability to "reprocess" a system besides deleting and then re-adding it? For example, I added 2-3 systems at once, and it seems to have hung up, and now it didn't populate a couple of the later systems. Would it be possible to just have a button to reprocess/get metadata and names instead of having to delete/readd? 3. Any chance of adding NesicAxLive to the system list? Thanks again, it's coming along nicely thanks to all your hard work.
  4. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Hey Frost, what setting do I have to switch to keep my region/revision data for my media files? I didn't see it anywhere
  5. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Another general question: once a user's local databases get updated to the one's on the server (via the Export XML as we talked about before), what will happen with the users roms? Because this would create a mismatch in the names of the roms and the databases, and launchers like RocketLauncher still require exact naming.
  6. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Hmm. That's what I did, not sure where I went wrong.
  7. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    I think I realized what the mistake might be. Were you saying in your previous post Frostbyte that I should completely remove SNES from my setup, ie. with HyperHQ (or HBL if it does that yet)? Then add it again from scratch? I think I was under the impression that HBL would either edit or redo my existing database. But what you were saying is to completely remove my databases and HBL will export new ones in?
  8. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Good call, restarted and it went through the downloads of all the boxes. Seemed to skip around and only download a few wheels. My setup still has the same problem regarding the DB's, as they still have the region codes on them even after switching the Database Export setting. All's well though, it's been great watching this program grow, and keep up the good work!
  9. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Haha, always glad to help. One other quick question: should it take an extended period to build a queue for a system? I tried adding sega genesis, and it's been building a queue for around 10 minutes now. Thanks again!
  10. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Thanks for the explanation. Unfortunately I'm not sure what I did wrong, but not much seems to have changed. I enabled the XML Database export option, then deleted and re-added SNES. The database still seems to be the same, and there's only a minimal amount of artwork. The program does download some things after I add the system, but none of it seems to show up in HS. For instance, it says it downloads the wheel and box for Star Fox, but when I check HS there's no media there. Plus it still says Star Fox (USA) (Rev 2) in my HS setup.
  11. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    Hey guys, great continued work on this. General question, to help me understand how this will work moving forward. I just set up SNES, and it changed the names of each wheel art for each game to remove the region (which makes sense, as was mentioned earlier). However, now none of my wheel art is showing up in HS, presumably because the database name is different than the newly named files - ie database still has regions. How is this going to work in the future? The idea is that databases themselves will be phased out? I'm just wondering how I should maintain the naming for my files in the interim, because now my SNES wheel looks a little bare. Thanks again for all you guys have been doing.
  12. The Bliss-Box 4-play Thread!

    This is very interesting and helpful, I appreciate that. I'm gonna try switching to another USB port and see if it helps my issue. I've tried my controllers (official with Blue label) on all the ports with the same issue. Though what you describe ulao makes perfect sense.
  13. The Bliss-Box 4-play Thread!

    yea, official controller. i actually don't have any vmu's though. Not sure if that would make a difference?
  14. The Bliss-Box 4-play Thread!

    Hey guys, anyone noticed some difficulty with dreamcast controllers? When I plug mine in, the first time or two it just seems to input random buttons. I have to unplug the blissbox 2-3 times, along with the controller, before it picks up properly. Bought a new dreamcast controller and have been having the same issue. I'm on the newest firmware, 1.56.1
  15. Hyperbase Live: Public Beta

    So I just took a quick look; it doesn't look like those paths are changeable in RL. At least in terms of being able to use the assets for the Pause feature. Of course we could always just cut and paste the material into those folders, so it is still very helpful.