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  1. i love your theme work mate can i request a english pal version of snes and master system and a few others which arent there yet like n64 and msdos games turbo grafix 16 nec pc engine etc game gear thanks regards les and keep up the outstanding work.

    1. pademonium


      Thank you relic I try to do the best, glad you like it! For themes on the channel there is only about 30% of my real content, I was forced to remove everything and create a patreon, when I'm certain they are selling hard drives with my content, 64 I have already done the snes in English, for the master system I made 3 version but it is true that you may not find them all online

    2. relic


      oh where can i get your new stuff mate cheers 

  2. love your work mate keep it up your terrific

  3. 60 downloads

    here is a game set of wheel art for an obsecure system called ABC80 if its ever needed for anyone
  4. 2,717 downloads

    here is a pack of 2D and 3D Box art for Sega Saturn
  5. your artwork is awesome keep up the good work
  6. 220 downloads

    here is a pack of dos game wheels but a kustom pack hope it also comes of use for everyone =)
  7. 533 downloads

    There is no dos game wheels around so i thought i would zip up a pack myself i have also named them accordingly to match the main hyperlist xml some i couldent find in the xml so i named a few myself no credit for me cause i didnt make them. i have another pack to share with you guys which ill up later i hope this can come of some use to go with others if there made. - http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/835-ms-dos-wheel-art-project/
  8. nice one thx these will look great in frotends like kodi and media box as well as launch box
  9. 308 downloads

    here is a set of cd artwork for Nec Pc-Engine Cd unfortunately its not complete but still useful i'm sure
  10. 331 downloads

    here is a custom set of genre wheels
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