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  1. Having a personalized hs setup is very nice.... Everyone of us has personal stories about old games or systems: that's the reason why I prefer and love retro gaming.Sound is a good way... Anyone knows where iconic sounds can be downoladed? What do you mean with wheelsounds menu? Where I can define start and exit sound for a particular system? Inviato dal mio STF-L09 utilizzando Tapatalk
  2. X-Fil

  3. THANKS!!!! I didn't realize that was a button!!! Many thanks!!
  4. Hi, thanks for the answers. Now I can connect, news are downoaded and I see my username on top left, telling me I'm connected. The problem is that I have the list of systems empty: my folders are set correctly, mame is running correctlu from HS, but if I try to sync it tells me to configure at least one system!!! Where is the problem? I'm starting to think I have wasted money in this hypersync, downloading from FTP server was better!!
  5. Hi all, I'm a gold member for years and this morning I decided to go platinum in order to use HyperSync, but I canno't use it!! I downloaded last version from download section and then upgraded with wyUpdate. Starting HyperSync it tells me that I don't have an internet connection:bird: I go to my login and I set my user/pwd for hyperspin and emumovies, pressing the login button it logs correctly; returning to home screen after setting the folders (hyperspin runs correctly with mame wheel, so my setup is ok) I continue to see 'not connected' and if I try to sync anyway (if I try to choose a system, the list is empty) it tells that it cannot fing any system configured!! Please help me!!! Are the servers down? Is there something I'm doing wrong?