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  1. The legend returns!!! 

  2. Dude, 

    S'up? :)

  3. BIG GUY! Was up?!?!

  4. My buddy... Hope all is well!

  5. DONNIE! 


    Hope all is well my friend! 

    1. SubZero


      Yo Bro! is that damn cab finished yet? or to busy at the gym ;)

    2. SubZero


      And doing great buddy! growing like a beast.....had to learn to get my meals correct, sleep my hours and get my training correct and keep it constant. Thanks for the tip on one muscle group focus day, it triggered my learnin curve on how muscles work and grow and still learning vevery day. how are you bro

    3. thegreatiandi


      My brother...how the heck have things been man?! Everything is good this way, just to busy with work man. The consumer electronic show ( C.E.S ) here in Las Vegas killed me for all of January. Just slowing a bit for a sec...trying to keep training up. I want a few extra pounds on this year lol...just see how it looks:dance:! I'm glad you are getting it in man....hard freaking work right?! Ughh.

      The cab? Nope...i stalled because of work and more importantly...emulation issue snags with getting them integrated into hyperspin...not gonna lie lol :wallbash:. I'm back now and trying to jump back in.  I was able to get the Dolphin emulator working...that was awesome to me. Not really much i want to play on it..but i got it working though.

      I see you have a theme pack completed?!?!? 

  6. S'uuuuuuuuuuuuuuup!

    1. SubZero


      There he is!... yo buddy, everythings fine,  how are you? the family?


    2. Roadrunner


      Everything's all good man. Christmas was awesome and now it's time to party like it's 1999. All the best to you and yours! 


  7. Arcade Classics Update Pack #5 View File What's New in Base Pack Update #5 Update #5 includes redraws and updates for: Blue Print Cabal Ghoul's 'n Ghost Laser Ghost Michael Jackon's Moonwalker Street Smart Operation Thunderbolt Shadow Dancer Time Pilot Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Submitter SubZero Submitted 12/21/2016 Category Platinum Themes File Count Credits  
  8. Hi guy thank you for theme Mame :)

  9. Just checking on the big guy. Hope all is well my friend!

  10. I need to get Matt and Rondar to chime in, a lot of there flash animated themes causes problems for Android i see
  11. Heck yeah I'm alive my brother! Lol. How the hell are u man? Work has been kicking myarse lol. Now I'm back and finally ready to rebuild.

  12. having a egg hunt huh? :P

  13. Jezus christ, youre still alive!

  14. Where the heck have you been Mr. Buff-n-stuff?! Lol. What's going on bro?

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