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  1. MSU-1 SNES CD Full Wheel

    Good stuff, finally got all the files renamed, this Powershell script helped a lot. cd "E:\HyperSpin\Roms\SNES CD\Mega Man X (MSU-1)" Dir | Rename-Item –NewName { $_.name –replace “mmx_msu1“, ”Mega Man X (MSU-1)” }
  2. FTP Is it still being used..?

    It was cleaned up and organized a while ago and put in read-only mode I think. There's no need to use the FTP really, between HyperSync and the Downloads page, you can find pretty much everything, you just have to know how to dig through it, use the search and put stuff in quotation marks. You can also grab the wheels and other things from ongoing projects here on the forums.
  3. have hyper launch running on Windows 10 but not the front end, always crashes, and there are three emulators I cannot get working, 3D0, Playstation 1, and Saturn. Any help would be appreciated.

  4. emumovies

    I think the website is down at the moment, the server is not responding.
  5. Is Windows 10 Good for HyperSpin?

    Upgraded first week it came out and it kept all my files, no problems whatsoever.
  6. The Hyperspin Project - The Frontend 95gb Download

    If it's the one I remember from UG, I wouldn't download that, everything from artwork, emulators, modules, databases, games are all outdated. It would be nearly impossible to upgrade that to where it is today, better off starting from scratch.

    What were the file names? I've never had a false positive on Hyperspin, so they may be a virus unless it's a cracked PC game or something. Buying 'preconfigured drives' is a terrible idea. Considering most consoles are still being worked on constantly, their drives would be nothing more than outdated artwork, modules, emulators, databases, and a whole bunch of missing roms. Not to mention it would be a mess to update it, better off starting from scratch.
  8. Windows 10?

    Win 10 Pro here, everything runs flawlessly including HyperHQ.
  9. New member

    I highly doubt there is an "up to date torrent" out there in public or private trackers.
  10. Does hyperspin not include Gamecube?

    There's a Gamecube database. http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/files/file/77-nintendo-gamecube-official-database/
  11. Can anybody re-draw this?

  12. Worst front end ever? Yeah..

    Obvious troll is obvious.
  13. Guy seeling Hyperspin and roms.......

    Waste of money really. All the fun is in configuring Hyperspin. Plus his configurations are probably bad, you will spend 'countless hours' trying to fix it.
  14. HyperBase Live Progress

    I'd love to test this and give you some feedback, superb work!
  15. How many systems have you implemented in Hyperspin

    127, some of them aren't systems though, like Atari Classics, etc.