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  1. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    NAS drives are writable on the Shield TV, with the 7.0 Android update. Just goto Settings - Storage - Network Devices then select your NAS and log in as Registered user, put in your admin or writable account info.
  2. Android User Head Count

    I'm still here! Busy as of late but here! Hoping to learn all i can on overclocking my Shield TV. I have 2 of them so if one craps out i'm good. This weekend i plan on finally getting on that Mame/Mess stuff finally.
  3. Is that the only one that works? @badhemi
  4. Pcfx retroarch bios?

    I'm having issues too. Since the beginning every time i would run Medafen PC-FX it would instantly crash regardless of running it through hyperspin or direct with Retroarch. I just downloaded a old bios to replace that other bios and now it's not instantly crashing, but still a black screen. I have a dedicated Bios folder setup on my NAS, and i also have issues with my MESS systems too. I followed the great tutorials from @thatman84 made the folders and everything but instant crash.
  5. Sega Saturn - NVIDIA SHIELD TV uoYabause

    In uoyabause i find its the better emulator. to get most games to work, change the compilers between dynamic and regular in the settings menu, and most games works fine on the old compiler, with correct speed. @cataclysm67
  6. Mame 181 definitely had better performance overall but of course my capcom roms need updating again as none of it works anymore.
  7. Lol sorry! i typed a bit too fast! It's good to be back! I'll test it out. @thatman84
  8. Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Any update on this with using retroarch? Still seems completely broken.
  9. Sorry gang, been busy with work. At the time i posed the initial post, mostly all of the said items were addressed months later. Dolphin had zero devs. and just recently a forum member stepped up and fixed the controls. Reicast was dead for months on the android apk side, not even questions on the forum were being answered. Thanks to a few updates with the shield the right stick is now the mouse, which sadly the touch pad above the volume rocker on the shield controller is supposedly no longer compatible now. But i had to use a air mouse to navigate Openbor for the longest time, which still does not have native joystick support for more than 1 player that works correctly. Also i know i had mentioned to use Alternate rendering for your mame, but it does cause a performance hit. So it's either blurry on the regular renderer or slow performance and clear. Vulcan has also been introduced to Retroarch. I have not seen any real performance jumps as of yet. I've been using my .174 mame set with no issues, but i have not updated my mame core to the .181 version yet. But from what i see, things like laserdisc games and certain Atomiswave games do not work at all on android compared to Windows. I would love to know the differences. I also need to reread @thatman84 tutorial for mess items, it couldn't get it working.
  10. (Android) Working Systems List

    Sorry i've been away due to moving and performances. But im back! My mupen cores always worked fine in retorarch while rooted. I dont have any issue at all.
  11. Running Roms via a Nas on Shield

    I updated my previous post to show how it should be. I'll repost it again so people can see it easier. As long as your shares are things like /storage/nasname/Hyperspin and /storage/nasname/Gamesystem/roms it should work.
  12. Dolphin settings

    use dolphin-master-4.0-5672 for setting up the controller then remove it (not the settings or folders) then use any Dolphin from about 2 weeks ago. I play smash on wii in 1080P perfectly. it has a few stutters at first, then afterwards its perfect.@badhemi
  13. Dolphin settings

    rompath=/storage/nasnamehere/yourdolphinroms userompath=true exe=org.dolphinemu.dolphinemu/org.dolphinemu.dolphinemu.ui.main.MainActivity romextension=iso,gcm parameters=AutoStartFile
  14. (Android) Working Systems List

    Well being rooted requires SuperSU to be installed. And before any root actions take place your prompted if you want to grant access to perform that action by SuperSU. Just do do anything crazy on your box without having a backup first, like flashing different custom roms, or making edits to important config files. Always have a backup and even the Default stock Rom somewhere. While i've never had any personal issues while being rooted, doesn't mean i can't delete important items by mistake in my root folders. But this will open the door to a ton of amazing apps, tools and files that you never knew existed.