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  1. thatman84

    Raspberry Pie 3/Hyperspin/RocketLauncher

    You should go look into HyperPie if your dead set on using the RPi Hyperspin and RocketLauncher won’t work on any RPi. goodluck with your project but give the PC option another look before you decide
  2. @mikty I gave this some testing tonight, It sort of came back to me now...... Afaik Hyperspin Andorid settings files dont expose use the correct placement of additions make the extra --subsystem neocd command work. We have a rompath= Must be a file path to the roms exe= Must be an apps packed name otherwise Hyperspin throws an error of Missing Emulator parameter= Basically to only area to attempt edits The way Hyperspin is preconfigured with the retroarch launch intent means IMO it wont be possible. I could be wrong but I am fairly certain, Same with the CONFIGFILE path, its preconfigured.. Here are the log exerts if you try to edit the parameter line 02-11 20:30:32.697 31765 31783 I RetroArch: [ENV]: libretro path: [/data/data/co m.retroarch/cores/fba_libretro_android.so --subsystem neocd] 02-11 20:30:33.019 31765 31783 W RetroArch: --libretro argument "/data/data/com. retroarch/cores/fba_libretro_android.so --subsystem neocd" is neither a file nor directory. Ignoring. 02-11 21:38:27.985 19478 19500 I RetroArch: [ENV]: libretro path: [/data/data/co m.retroarch/--subsystem neocd cores/fba_libretro_android.so] 02-11 21:38:28.303 19478 19500 W RetroArch: --libretro argument "/data/data/com. retroarch/--subsystem neocd cores/fba_libretro_android.so" is neither a file nor directory. Ignoring.
  3. Subsystem is a commanline option "--subsytem" is what you want Although I am uncertain thst we can do this with Hyperspin. I would sugest adding --subsytem neocd to the end of the parameters line in the ini. I would have to do a log from Hyperspin on my shield to refresh myself on the Libretro intent. I think it may cut any additions off. In this case its another limitation to Hyperspin android......and with no word on anymore support negatives are racking up with the ommisson of arch64 aswell now
  4. Not tried myself yet. My dabble soon, been working on my AES/MVS setup and currently have Neo CD with CHD on mame. I only found a set of 44 bin/cues so wont go all out until I finish collecting
  5. Im not great on the PC side but I would suggest playing around with the Optimizer tab in HyperHQ see if you can get somewhere
  6. thatman84

    Help setting up Hyperspin

    Hyperspin and this community is not affiliated with any preconfigured system or download outside of our romless builds here on the forum. Its very difficult to support this kind of request, please refresh yourself with the forum rules (located under "Community" in your side bar menu). I can only suggest you spend some time getting familiar with your setup and read through the guides and information pinned in this Android forum. Feel free to ask specific questions about perticular systems, features or emulators once you come across them. FYI most stuff for android is related to your settings files and emulator setup. Then beyond that the most standard Hyperspin issues are matching all media and games match the database your using. Good luck with your project
  7. thatman84

    Some site fixes today... Tapatalk is back

    Nice, Did upload limit make the cut?
  8. thatman84

    Hyperspin Imposter

    I removed the link....lets not give them anymore promo. We know whats official and can advise those that don't
  9. thatman84

    HyperScore is Back

    HyperScore has started up again 😁 Test yourself against fellow HyperSpinners (I have a forum wide announcement setup for 7days, if its annoying please comment below)
  10. thatman84

    Happy New Year Hyperspinners

    I have everything crossed including my balls!
  11. thatman84

    Happy New Year Hyperspinners

    Happy New Year Mr G-Pig 😜😜
  12. thatman84

    Hyperspin on NAS -Windows vs Android

    Yeah that sounds very odd. Hopefully one of the PC savy members will pop in with some help. I would suggest researching the protocol used for the shared folder on PC. Surely thats the bottle neck... I know you can map a network drive or location, possible one method is faster than another for synology. I am keen to know as I have just got a ds918+ and will be doing the same as you over the next year
  13. thatman84

    Hyperspin on NAS -Windows vs Android

    Not sure on the technical stuff but whats the network setup Nas, pc and shield all conected by ethernet at same speeds? PC specs? You could try turning off a couple of the animations in HyperHQ under optomisations tab iirc.
  14. thatman84

    PLEX/Media Theme/Wheel

    I’m with Hono on this, I had the Kodi wheel for about a day. the Shield is just setup right already for media browsing. I see Hyperspin as an addition to the set-top box. On a PC it makes more sense to use Hyperspin as the front for other apps imo each to their own but it is fun trying to get things working
  15. thatman84

    PLEX/Media Theme/Wheel

    Above is some very solid advice from an experienced shield/hyperspin/media user. I would suggest taking it i do doubt it is possible, i cant see PLEX exposing libraries to a launch intent being you can add custom libraries and library names. funny you guys mentioned this stuff....i picked up a new NAS, plex sub and HDHomerun Quad tuner over Black Friday so am busy getting all my physical media ripped and organised to try and prise the Sky remote from my Wife's grips, and save some monthy costs!