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  1. thatman84

    Struggling to get Roms to load

    Great stuff, easily done! Was trying to find the guide on folder structure but its gone....was really handy to refer to when we have brain farts. Happy gaming
  2. thatman84

    Struggling to get Roms to load

    The bottom one is correct. Just off to dinnner, sorry for short reply
  3. thatman84

    Struggling to get Roms to load

    @WeeBeloOo what error message or behaviour are you having? we are just guessing a little 😀 the “pack” you mention....is that from here or somewhere else? There’s so many different setups it’s hard to know what you have/don’t have. simple checks to do open you Hyperspin/Databases/Nintendo Entertainment System.xml confirm the <game name> matches the rom files you have make sure the rom files are in extension .zip or .nes double check you rompath is exactly correct including capital letters. if unsure set the .ini file line roms_only=false to roms_only=true If you are unable to enter the NES games list (wheel) then Hyperspin cannons find your games. Fault is the with rompath, extensions or file names not matching the .xml
  4. yes you are correect my bad can you put my last few in the proper cartagorie

  5. Updated OP with links to Amiberry github issues relating tho android. For background info
  6. Ah I get ya now. Fair point Im a forgiver anyway, but yes will believe it when I see it also.
  7. I should do some of that. Always gloss over these money saving ideas. I dont really think Midwan done much wrong. He did say he would have something in 6mths but seemed he didnt fully understand the challenges. Now he does he is bringing a solution forward. I would rather help push it forward however I can...uae4arm is seeing very minor developments and amiberry seems very actively developed. Not gonna wait around though, uae4arm is the focus until something better comes along
  8. Lools like cash may get the Amiberry emulator over to android. Theres a poll on the Amiberry facebook page. The dev is struggling with the complications of building cross platform and a software upgrade will help the effort. Im in anyone else???
  9. thatman84

    Amiga Forever!

    @reznnate keep your eye on this if you have not already
  10. Shame, was hoping you could pull it off. i would be great to see the CONFIGFILE attribute added to HS like the other android FE’s so that path is configurable
  11. thatman84

    Amiga CD32

    No probs, there were some recent P-UAE improvements and if Libretro pick that up like Reicast it would become a.valid option but not now. Amiberry can’t get the SDL2 portion working and said a few days ago that he will look again after the next stable release. UAE4ARM is still the current best bet although the newest builds are unstable in the gui on STV. Luby does some dev occasionally so hopefully he gets it sorted,
  12. thatman84

    Amiga CD32

    Yes I have it nearly all setup with UAE4arm, although there are some issues with controls. Its not possible to map the Blue button from the emulator gui. Also multiple presses are registered. I have played a couple of games and did not notice to many issues but I really need to play test them all properly but keep favouring standard Amiga when I have spare time. Its bedtime here will get back to you with a collection of files if needed.
  13. thatman84

    Amiga Forever!

    Looking forward to seeing this thread develop. While doing your 3d box work please keep hold of the 2d sources, thats what the content creators want (biggest quality 2d sources). Have a chat with diskmach.....he is doing amiga work on and off
  14. thatman84

    xml animation list

    The information is in the text file here https://hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/28972-tutorial-16x9-theme-conversion-for-android/
  15. thatman84

    Commodore Amiga Nvidia Shield TV

    Glad to hear you have some more time to crack on with your project, wish i could say the same... After you cut ties i did notice a problem with the folder structure. As I am working on an addition to your setup it would be nice to keep it as easy for others to use both together. My only question is what config folder structure will you use? I would like to follow what your doing in that respect Hyperspin/Roms/Commodore Amiga AGA/config wont work for example because of the spaces @StevieMacim sure Hono will get back to you but the workbench method is a bonus feature, you will be able to launch from Hyperspin straight into game.