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  1. It’s basically a file list (.index-extended) and the cores in a folder afaik. See this post from Radius at libretro https://forums.libretro.com/t/local-webserver-for-custom-core-updates/6683/2?u=thatman84
  2. If things pan out I will have a word with the admins about getting this rolled out or at least more visible. Theres probably some improvements to the Beetle HW core in 64 bit. I remember the RA mods mentioned it Edit: i tried to test it yesterday but I migrated my roms to NAS and now it wont launch ps1. Have to fix that 1st
  3. FYI theres a pretty simple way to create a local webserver to update your cores from a LAN pc. Just need apache and a index-extended file. I wrote a guide somewhere and a user at libretro forum did also with a quicker method. Tbf all these issues are only a problem for very few people. Zerojay is solving some cool stuff, if he gets to the CONFIGFILE mod that would be cool. I will move that apk alongside the official DL if so
  4. I really dont know anything about HyperPin but in Hyperspin you can add .mp3 files to the sounds folder. Does Hyperpin have a similar folder structure?
  5. I feel the same but with this topic I understand why the devs wont be doing that until its real. To much history now for that.
  6. As stated above this is a custom unit with a hard drive using the non-commercial Hyperspin software. I understand your coming from a decent place but our forum rules prevent these topics from continuing. I would suggest looking at ebay for comparisons but be aware selling something with copy righted games may be a legal problem in your location.
  7. I will go add this to the original post. Thankyou for doing this fix. If anyone uses it can they please confirm its working ok.
  8. FYI we had a maintenance build released in 2018 to fix a windows issue and also add the ability for animated wheel artwork.
  9. Your JUST about keeping the rom talk clean Interesting alternative to uae4arm....I will keep half an eye on this. Since the issues with uae4arm i have found it annoying to use with no sign of it changing. Kinda hoping the Amiberry fund raising turns fruitful but theres not been a sniff of the android port since which is a shame
  10. Sort out controls. And build those to fit the draw. The idea is to go modular so I dont have a massive CP to work around daily as 90% of the time its gonna be 1 player. I am going to house the inteface in player 1 arcade stick then use D shape connectors and cables to extend to 2 player and extra controls. So long as I have the whole plan figured out then I can start small then add to it as funds become availiable
  11. anyone have experience with the U-HID boards kinda interest me for analouge control? http://www.u-hid.com/home/index.php
  12. Project Status = Nearly Started Expected Completion = Xmas 2021or Before Intro I have been a member here for a few years, its been a journey Started on HTPC build but didn't enjoy that then moved over to Android and the Shield TV which I managed to get a pretty solid build from but ultimately it does not fullfill my needs and those needs have changed over time. Building work at home has hampered me but also allowed me to create a Desk/Cab space for the project below Concept Well I have been waiting a long ass time to make this post and .......well I can't wait anymore!!! Although I have not really got a start date I have enough parts to post but not enough to really get going ANYWAY. So the concept is an unassuming desk with everything I need to enjoy the games I have nerver played yet. I really want to Pimp my desk and MAME setup, leaning toward Gun, Driving, old arcade games and consoles up to PS2 ish, but also do the general stuff I enjoy other than being a HyperSpin forum whore Goals Wife Friendly STEALTH cab AimTraks (50% complete) NAS (100% complete) Motorised rotating Monitor PlayStation 2 hookup Modular Arcade controls Emulation up to PS2 and early 2000's Arcade Multiple Frontends with RocketLauncher (Probably not gonna achieve this) Some PS2 game storage Removable Joysticks for storage (bit of limit this one) Chosen housing = Antique Bureau desk Current Specs Intel i5-4690T CPU @3.50Ghz Asus Z97M Motherboard 16GB Kingston RAm (salvaged from a CCTV system or 2) MSi Geforce GTX 750Ti Win7 64-bit SSD Shitty case (to be changed) Current BDC Task = researching/deciding on controls (iPac, U-HID, Spinner+Wheel addon, button layout, RGB or not, Bliss-Box or wireless controller and Joysticks with removable shaft) Current BDC Prevention = Kitchen revamp & limited funds Shopping List before project start PC Case and PSU Player 1 CP controls (Buttons, Joystick, Interface) Trackball & Spinner Undecided Driving game Controls Random shots of my DIRTY current setup and what I'm working with Oooooo those wires kill me everyday lololo
  13. I am having a little research into controls this week. @medic let us know what you went with?
  14. Pass the guide to me 1st and I will approve it with the other admins. I doubt there will be an issue.
  15. Try this one. Mega Drive.xml Removed the apostrophes. Im in bed sick right now, just on my phone so cant test it
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