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  1. Please create a support ticket through your user account panel here.
  2. You need to find someone with Adobe flash software. I don't think I have seen any users creating proper animated swf assets for a long time.
  3. https://mega.nz/file/dFFUALqZ#Q3UC5f6xK4TnySgooVDotCx7zEXmffXAn-IgsuC2KPY Its still available afaik. What tutorial are you following?
  4. But then you have to rename all the artwork which is 5 times as much work as renaming 1 Rom set.
  5. Android OS forced apps to only release to play store in 64bit. RetroArch doesn't have as many or as good 64bit cores.
  6. Please copy and paste the whole text from your playstation.ini file (or whatever you have it named) Also you will likely need an older version of RetroArch installed. Pre 64bit release.
  7. There is not really a good solution moving forward other than running an older version of RetroArch pre the 64bit release. I think it's 1.7.7 or maybe just before that.
  8. NP, yeah there is a ton of media not in the correct section
  9. Here you go. Search if filtered to Files is real handy. (The downloads is real messy but we are working on it) https://hyperspin-fe.com/search/?&q=Panasonic&type=downloads_file&search_and_or=or
  10. There is an official Mame DB thread in the database section of the forum and that eventualy leads you to the RetroFE website where Phulshoff releases his mame database pack with a gaxillion different flavours. Get the latest .217 release from here http://retrofe.nl/download/
  11. Final after a little break from myself we have another update added to 1st post Update 7 is brings 91 wheel packs sorted by @JSinn a coupkle of weeks ago now.
  12. Update #6 Almost 300 submissions processed in this update This has brought about plenty of new sections in the HyperMedia downloads. Jsinn is doing a top job getting these files sorted and tagged. Theres still a few files waiting a home from the last few updates, but this pack certainly found a home If you spot any jumbled up sections in HyperMedia hit me up, the website has a mind of its own sometimes.
  13. [Instructions] Creating SWF Animated Wheels View File PDF instructions for creating animated wheel art for use with Hyperspin 1.5.1. Created by Badboybill Submitter thatman84 Submitted 03/11/2020 Category Templates HyperBase Version Na Media Dimensions Na File Count 1 Credits BadBoyBill  
  14. Version 1.0.0


    PDF instructions for creating animated wheel art for use with Hyperspin 1.5.1. Created by Badboybill
  15. You could probably try and grab it from the EmuMovies ftp. I’m not sure how sync deals with clones or even if videos have been created with the clone names.
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