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  1. External should be fine. Most likely a bios issue. See this for a more detailed guide. If its not working grab a new set of software list roms and software list machine/bios. And make sure everything is matching the neocdz.xml hash file for your dummy zips
  2. Its all manual im afraid. There is a collection of settings files in the downloads section iirc.
  3. Yeah theres some guides over a RA forums iirc. Rompath must end neocdz Roms/neocdz Chd files go ina folder name after the names inside the hash file. Hash file goes in retroarch/system/mame/hash Then create dummy/empty zip files named after the folders. Put the bios files inwith it all. Launch the dummy zips the mame will go looking for the chd files automatically. You cant launch chd files directly
  4. Its not possible on the Android app unfortunately just static xml lists and also only 1 emulator per system/wheel I its one of the top requested features. This probably will not change
  5. What core? If tryi g fba/fbneo its not ppssible in from HS because it cant sent the -subsystem command. Mine work using tbe mame core and chd files of the games
  6. We dont have a CDTV thread here. Probably good to start a fresh one with your last 2 posts. Valuable info imo
  7. Always glad to see Amiga stuff getting some love This is more than welcome, no toes will be trodden on! It all benefits the community. So is CDTV possible? I thought it was only working for a small amount of games in mame. Or is it CD32 versions of CDTV games?
  8. @Rhoobarb2005 copy paste the contents of your uae file. Also post the filename. Fyi Uae filenames cant have spaces
  9. thatman84

    Neo Geo AES

    Not 100% on all the games but usually just different dumps from different regions or versions. I use mame UI and look under the Info tab to see the write up. For Unibios iirc you have to change the mode/region per game in the unibios menu. Theres a button combo on startup A+B+C maybe. I have mine setup with mame to boot straight into AES mode with and aes.ini and have MVS setup with fba using unibios
  10. Down as in not on the online updated? Or just not working?
  11. Iirc the mame2014 core has been renamed to mame2015. Its still the same core but they realised the romset its based on was slightly later than described before. The mame2015 core is still available through the online updater
  12. All working bere from your link Unless the files are broken. Downloaded fine
  13. On your shield use a file manage app like FX or xplore Use that to locate the hard drive ID. Is a long random number (3492872623928) Your rompath will be storage/3492872623928/Hyperspin/Roms/PS2 for example
  14. I just tested on my phone ok. Ra 1.7.7 iirc snes9x 1.60. Played a couple of laps of mushroom cup 100cc Try different cores. Maybe try renaming you retroarch-core-options.cfg to see if anything there is killing it. Same with retroarch.cfg. back the up 1st
  15. That should be correct. (The image you uploaded cuts off the last folder /roms??) The rompath works in conjunction with the file extensions. Make sure you have the extention of you game files added also.
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