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  1. it does sound like a naming issue possibly, not seen it described like that befor. Try matching the artwork names against the N64 database you have. /Hyperspin/Databases/N64/ whats listed there is the file name. Case sensitive
  2. You need to have the correct parameter line pointing to the core in “systemname”.ini you need make sure the core is downloaded and tested with same roms in retroarch directly 1st
  3. That’s not aloud on the forum. We do have a PM system. 😉
  4. This is not the correct topic to ask for help. Try in support and please be more specific with your question
  5. Bit of Christmas drama is good for the soul😀 happy holidays everyone.
  6. Thanks for updating your findings. I removed the reference to the romsite, that's not allowed FYI that romsite is notorious for messing with the original released material so there's no surprise the themes are messed up.
  7. Not seen an app like that, only Dark13 Nox theme but that’s a whole theme which is fairly involved to customise
  8. These requests are against the forum rules. Topic locked
  9. @vanillarice provide us with 1 system you would like to get working Please add some screenshots of issues... I'm glad you have seen your error in paying and are willing to fix it yourself.
  10. As @Honosuseri said your rompath looks incorrect, hence the error of hyperspin saying it cannot find them So this line in the ScummVM.ini should be rompath=Emulators/ScummVM/roms
  11. Hi Hyperspinners, We now have an official Discord chat server for anyone who is interested. @Circo is looking at integrations with the forum in the near future. If you want to jump in, the link is below. We will refine the server over time, suggestion are welcome. https://discord.gg/cn8T3Sd
  12. Maybe you could explain your setup in a separate thread it may help others in the future. 😀 its a little off topic for this thread
  13. I am fairly certain some users have located the Hyperspin remotely with success but it depends on the path seen by the Shield. I myself have always used internal storage so can’t comment exactly. It’s worth trying a few things before moving everything to internal/adopted. Hyperspin will only see the folder if it’s 1 hop. (“Storage”/sdcard , storage/emulated/0, storage/Hyperspin) some NAS devices allow you to have the Hyperspin folder exposed so the Shield sees that last path but on my synology it’s exsposed as storage/NAS/Hyperspin so is not found, where NAS is what i named my synology. Have a search around the Android section, I’m sure someone wrote how they did it.
  14. Android OS forced apps to only release to play store in 64bit. RetroArch doesn't have as many or as good 64bit cores.
  15. There is not really a good solution moving forward other than running an older version of RetroArch pre the 64bit release. I think it's 1.7.7 or maybe just before that.
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