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  1. Cant work this one out ! When I select a game in my mame favorites menu, the game launches fine, but the audio from the video preview for that particular game continues to play, as well as the loaded games audio. Its like the video is still running in the background although it cant be seen. Incidently this is just in the favorites menu. This problem doesnt happen from the general games list when you launch a game Any ideas ? Gary
  2. Mame databases for 0.169

    Cool worked a treat cheers
  3. Mame databases for 0.169

    Is there a database xml available for 0.169 yet that ignores mahjong and casino ? Gary
  4. There's only one certainty here, I'm building a virtual pinball. Ive built a MAME cab from the ground up,so I'm not exactly new to this, but after spending the last two hours looking at various forums and youtube videos, I'm absolutely lost on where to start . The bits Ive mostly worked out - 1) I'm running 3 displays, 42 or 46 inch for the main playfield, a 32 inch for backglass, and a 15 inch for the DMD. 2) Its easy enough for me to build a cabinet as I work with CNC routers and CAD for a living, although I am not ruling out buying an old cabinet shell for a bit of vintage meets new tech Then there's the software, which at the moment feels a bit overwhelming 1) The front end - I'm reading Hyperpin and PinballX a lot . Is it common to launch more than one pin emulator on a virtual pin through a front end, like you would on an arcade cab ? 2) Virtual pinball,Future pinball,both ??? Last Consideration is the PC spec. I understand I am going to need to 1TB vga's for play field and back glass, but I was thinking a usb to hdmi for the dmd ? I use one of those on my current pc for a 2nd screen,works fine and surely a dmd doesnt need a dedicated card ? Any guidance greatly appreciated
  5. Starting my hyperpin project

    Hey Thanks Xagez
  6. Hey guys Gary from Melbourne Australia here ( originaly Scotland ). After what seemed like forever ,I finished off my mame project last year (here - ). Ive got a real itch to build again,and decided on pinball. My biggest consideration at the moment is what size lcd for the playing field. I would like to keep the finished project similar in size to an actual pinball, so this being the case what size of lcd ( stripped from its case if need be ) should I be looking at ? Thanks , and looking forward to posting more often on this great forum