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  1. Collapsible Gaming Wheel Stand...

    Yes. I made mine pretty close to the dimensions in the first post and it's great for stability. You could mock up a unit to test making it wider. Only thing for me is that it slips forward on my carpet so I need to figure out a way to make the underside sticky and not damage the carpet. When mine is under the couch, its tight enough to not slip... I guess it depends on your couch height, but I would try to wedge it under there with a towel, blanket, carpet or something like that... Ours is tight enough to stay put, but loose enough to push forward and get out without busting up your knees.
  2. Collapsible Gaming Wheel Stand...

    We don't drive manual much so its mostly there to control the game. I originally wanted to mount it on the side somehow, but never got around to it... Would love to see ideas. And glad I inspired others, however originally I took this idea from someone else
  3. Collapsible Gaming Wheel Stand...

    I finally took the time to finish this project and it turned out great. It took so long, the walls and flooring are completely different from the original pics.
  4. Tredog's Mini-Pin Arcade Cabinet

    Here are the pics so far of the build log
  5. Tredog's Mini-Pin Arcade Cabinet

    Version 2 is on the way. Main Changes (so far) are 27" Playfield that fits perfecting from top to bottom and 19" Backglass Screen. Also mostly glued together and Adjustable legs to keep it to scale or raise it up to a comfortable playing height. Rick
  6. To Rebuild or not to rebuild???

    Unfortunately, I never had the chance to see it to finish. It sat at my workplace and someone came in and made an offer on it (As-Is) and I took it.
  7. Hyperspin Lightgun Cab

    Looks great, any build pics?
  8. Tredog's Mini-Pin Arcade Cabinet

    Around $1600 easily after all is said and done, if you are buying everything new, plus labor. However, I had some of the parts available, so out of pocket, I was just under $1000. I documented some early costs in the second post.
  9. Tredog's Mini-Pin Arcade Cabinet

    It's in the settings.... Preferences, Video / Rendering Options, Playfield -> Set FullScreen, Arcade Mode, Wide Screen and Rotation. If you want to save time, look into BAM, this will save you tons of time as it gets the tables close and you can adjust and save them while you have them running.
  10. To Rebuild or not to rebuild???

    Seems like a lot more work fixing up an existing cabinet vs. building one from scratch. Here are the latest pics with the final piece cut and placed.
  11. To Rebuild or not to rebuild???

    If anyone would like the 19" touchscreen CRT monitor that was in this machine for FREE, its yours. It is working, and NO I will not ship it. It comes with the touchscreen module, bezel, and original game hard drive. Either message me here or just stop by Aurora Computer Center: 425 Third St., Aurora, IN 47001 (40 minutes outside Cincinnati). I will remove this message once it has been picked up.
  12. To Rebuild or not to rebuild???

    Latest Pics: Will update once the PC is installed / Wired Up / and Marquee-Speaker area completed.
  13. To Rebuild or not to rebuild???

    Finally made some progress on the pac-man conversion. I made some changes to the original design: Marquee will be much smaller height-wise, and the control panel and screen are now on a single piece of MDF; Lots of work on one piece of wood. Will update with pics as I start the assembly (Monday or before). I am going to assemble it completely, then disassemble it to prime, paint and decal. Then reassemble the final product, add the lexan over the screen/control area, and add the chrome t-molding last.
  14. Streamlining Windows 7 for a Cab

    Try instant sheller, it has worked on every machine I have used it on so far. 2 Win7 machines and 1 xp machine. It will remove everything if you like. Try one setting at a time, then undo it and try more. I personally did not shell either of my Win7 machines (one arcade, one pinball) as I have focus issues. It will get rid of most everything! Here are some other resources that helped me... Intro Video Randomiser: http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/topic/5023-play-multiple-intro-videos-randomizer/?hl=randomiser#entry98730 Change XP Boot Screen: http://www.jakeludington.com/windows_xp/20060219_change_xp_boot_screen.html Hiding Windows 7 Completely: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php/topic,113896.0.html (this one helped remove welcome screen and shutting down screen items) Hiding Windows (BYOAC): http://wiki.arcadecontrols.com/wiki/Hiding_Windows My arcade shows bios (if the screen wakes fast enough) then black screen for 2 seconds (SSD Boot Drive), Welcome flashes up (Removed the donut animation and windows branding, only blackscreen with welcome), and then starts hyperspin... Hope this helps